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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Books, Blooms and Bunnies!

Greetings from the garden from Archie the bunny - who decided to photobomb the picture i was taking of the garden this morning! - and myself!  Nice to see some sunshine returning today after yesterdays' rainy day which at least helped water the garden.  Not so good was seeing the extra slugs and snails about so I've taken action with the use of some organic slug pellets to hopefully save a few of my dahlias from their munching!


Been a good day on the BookPost front as the May subscriber box from Book and a Brew  - - arrived!  The concept is simple enough! Every month a new book and box of TeaPigs tea arrives in a  lovely box and I've been signed up for 3 months now and have been impressed with the book choices so far! And I haven't been let down this month with the choice as it looks really intriguing and a great adventure book - The Silk Tree by Julian Stockwin.  Not heard of this author before so really looking forward to starting this soon!

And then the postie brought a GoodReads giveaway book win my way - How to Find Love in  a Bookshop by Veronica Henry.  This is set for release this Summer 2016 and it just sounds like the perfect book for me so hoping to read this next!

And a new delivery on my Kindle this  morning as Rachel Lucas has part one of her new series out - Wildflower Bay and it is currently free on Amazon so worth paying a visit there to download!!


Lots of wildlife about in the garden and it's lovely to finally see some of the baby robins out of their nest and searching out their own food - as well as finding the extra mealworms I always put out for the birds.  And the squirrels are daily visitors normally first in line at the bird table when the peanuts get put out! I'm forever digging up nuts around the garden where they've buried them all to keep them safe for another day!

Never a dull minute in the garden at the moment and the perfect place to spend 5 minutes or so having a cuppa and reading a chapter or two of a book! Definitely my favourite place to read  - where's your happy reading spot?!   Just about to start reading The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts by Annie Darling so hoping it's a good one!! 


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