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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Garden Goings On......

With the longer, lighter days now and lovely sunny weather I am managing to spend a little extra time out in my garden sanctuary and take notice of what is visiting and going on!  I do have quite a few bird feeders and a bird table or two, so take time out daily to restock those! Although the squirrels do tend to swoop in quite quickly and take the first pickings of the peanuts which leaves very little for the Wood Pigeons and Collared Doves to share later on!

Have noticed GoldFinches about more this year which is a lovely sight as their colouring makes a nice change from the normal brown/plain birds that we get visiting!

And it is full speed ahead on the gardening front now with many of the seedlings I sowed a couple of months ago all ready to be potted on and planted out!  Have to admit that this yellow Zinnia was an impulse buy from a recent trip to the garden centre but I've heard they are easy to grow from seed so might have to give it a try soon and hope the slugs and snails don't like eating those as much as they enjoy other seedlings that I've planted out in the past!  Anybody found the cure to keeping slugs and snails off your favourite plants yet?! Interested in hearing what people have tried and has worked or failed!! I'm sure they all just become immune to whatever method gardeners are using - if only they enjoyed munching on weeds then I'd gladly welcome them into my garden!!

Some wildlife I do actively encourage though into the garden so always try and add bee and butterfly friendly plants like this Cerinthe Major /Honeywort, which is proving to be a big hit already this year! Even though I had forgotten I had some in the garden and was secretly pleased to see it pop up earlier this month!

Still looking for to some different plants to try in hanging baskets this year as i'm getting a little bored with the normal basket plants so any suggestions greatfully accepted!

Off back into the garden now for a little potter with a cup of tea nearby!  

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