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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Hello Blog World!

I've been an avid reader and reviewer for quite a while now so I'm taking the next step by dipping my toes into the world of Blogging!

The whole world of Blogging is still a recent mystery to me and through a few favourite blogs I've been reading, it has opened up a whole new world of books and crafting ideas to me and for that I'll be forever grateful!  My bank balance on the other hand is not so thankful for this discovery!

A little bit about myself, other than that I love reading, is that I've just turned 44 which is extremely scary as in my head I swear I'm still 14!  Waiting for that moment when I'll feel like a grown up but it hasn't hit yet!

I've been suffering with the illness M.E - aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/SEID or whatever they are calling it this month - for a number of years and the isolation that this illness brings has opened my eyes up to a whole different world of interests.  I've become a crazy cross stitcher, gardener, photographer, card maker, birdwatcher, stamp and postcard collector, just to name a few of my hobbies when health permits of course! Nothing like illness than making you appreciate the silly little things in life! And for that I have something to thank this illness for! It has also allowed me to be in contact with other sufferers via Twitter (@kazzy25) and Facebook and I've made some really lovely friends via these social media mediums - how did we ever cope without the internet i wonder?!

I have a furry bunny rabbit as a pet - Archie - he's almost 9 now and brings me joy everyday, except when he is 'pruning' plants in the garden that he shouldn't or refusing to go back to his hutch when i want him too!

Hoping to share my thoughts on books, cross stitching and gardening  on here but will see where the blogging world takes me!!

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