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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Rainy Tuesday in the Garden

So the lovely, hot and sunny weather has disappeared to be replaced by rainy, muggy weather  - Archie the bunny is a little relieved as he's not a big fan of it being too hot! So he's been out for his daily garden patrol today so I've been surveying the damage that the slugs and snails have been causing! Still haven't found a product that works 100% to keep them at bay so if you know of something please share as I'm always willing to try anything if it means saving a Lupin or Delphinium! Have found that putting my Hostas' in pots off the ground has helped save those!

I love this time of year as the Peonies are beginning to flower and the Tree Peonies are the first off the block this year but there are still some Tulips hanging about in the borders and this black one - Queen of The Night - is definitely one of my favourites and I need to add more to my collection! Has been such a good year for Tulips this year that I currently have Tulip fever and just want to find room for more!

 And yesterday the Irises began to bloom in the sunshine and they are another welcome addition to the garden. Some orange poppies have seeded themselves nearby so the orange and blue seem to mix really well - if only the delicate petals could have lasted a little longer in the rain!
My garden is definitely at its' best in the Spring so really need to start focusing on getting plants for the summer borders! There is a lull until the Dahlias begin to bloom in late Summer so planning on sowing a few seeds and bringing on the plug plants that are currently clogging up my mini greenhouse to hopefully fill out the borders a little! 

  Also on the gardening agenda is working out what to put in the hanging baskets this year! Don't want them to be too labour intensive - petunias are a no-go for me! - and do like to plant them differently every year, so this year am thinking about getting some drought tolerant plants maybe to see how they go! Any suggestions gratefully received!  Have put Lavenders in the 2 hanging baskets that are at the back of the house in full sun, but always struggle with ideas for the 4 hanging baskets down the drive as they are a bit more shaded! Begonias normally work well so might see what new ones are out at the garden centres this year!

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