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Monday, 9 May 2016

Reading Slump and how to deal....

I've not really had too many issues with slumps over the past couple of years, but the dreaded slump hit me recently and no matter how many wonderful books were on my out of control TBR pile, I just couldn't settle on anything to snap me out of the slump and rediscovering my love for books!

In previous slumps I've always ended up resorting to old favourites - normally books from my childhood like the Mallory Towers series, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe or Harry Potter, but this time round I found that reading 'Chick-Lit' - a nice easy read with not much strain required on my poor old brain cells! - really did help! Or maybe it was the gorgeous sunny weather that we are currently enjoying that helped!  Just hoping it lasts now as even though I wasn't reading books I was still adding to the pile - we all do it, don't we?! - so now I've run out of bookshelf space and am using the tops of chest of drawers as storage!

So how do you get over your reading slumps? Is there always a guaranteed answer or is it just one of those things as readers that we just have to endure for a while and let nature take its' course and find ourselves soon eager to pick up a new book and to devour it!

Now I've got the bug back I've got the awful task of deciding what book to pick next to read! Another evil side effect of being a reader.... how do you choose your next read?! Cover?! Author?! Buzz books?!  Have to admit that I am partial to a lovely cover so will often choose a book over how it looks rather than reading the blurb! Haven't regretted that method yet!

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