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Saturday, 11 June 2016

All go in the garden.......


June has got off to a very sunny and warm start here in Essex, so the garden has filled out amazingly!! Did have to dig up the forget-me-nots that filled in so many gaps in the borders so there are a few gaps along the front of those now, but that's been perfect for me to put the plug plants in I've been growing on in the greenhouse, so hopefully they will fill up those gaps soon..... if the rabbit doesn't dig them up beforehand! 

Roses are all blooming well as are the Peonies - i'm sure it's their best year yet as some plants that haven't flowered well previously are full of blooms now! Definitely one of my favourite flowers and just wish they lasted longer!  

 White Peony flowering so well in only its' second year in the garden!

This is the view from my favourite bench in the garden - the perfect spot for hiding away and reading in!!  Veggie trug is by my side there too so easy to reach across and pick fresh strawberries which are just beginning to ripen!  Yum!!

When visiting a garden centre recently I spotted they had a display of black petunias with various white plants in a pot, so instead of paying the rather inflated prices they were charging I made my own!! Just using the black petunias and some white lobelia, I am really impressed with the outcome and it's extremely low maintenance too!! My kind of gardening!!

The only disappointment in the garden so far this year has been the runner beans!! They normally grow so well in a large trough up canes, but this year the slugs, snails and squirrels are thwarting me at every point of their growth!! I've now resown some seeds for the third time this year in the hope that I will get some beans growing sometime this year - any advice for keeping pests off them while they're establishing would be greatfully received!  Radishes are also disappearing fast this year thanks to Sparrows picking off the leaves the moment they emerge!! Anyone else suffering this?! I have various bird feeders and tables round the garden but the pesky sparrows just seem fixated on radish leaves this year!

Gardening definitely has its' highs and lows but when you see everything come together and all  blooming so well it definitely is worth the effort and dirty fingernails!!

What tasks have you got lined up to do in the garden this weekend? I'm hoping very little here - maybe picking some carnations and sweet peas to bring indoors! Happy Gardening weekend to you all!!  

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