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Monday, 20 June 2016

Book and A Brew - June Box


It's that time of the month again when the Book Subscription boxes start appearing at peoples' houses and this is my 4th (i think?!) month of subscribing to Book And A Brew website so was really excited to see what goodies they've selected this month!
A lot of the bookish subscription boxes are YA focussed so that is why I went with Book and a Brew as they seem to mix up genres each month which I think caters well for readers of all types of books.  And I love the different variety of teas they include - I'm normally such a stick in the mud over my cuppa but this is a great way of trying new teas and I have discovered a couple of new favourites through this method!

So this month the book chosen is The Incorruptibles by John Hornor Jacobs - have to say I've not heard of the book or author before but  he receives high praise from Patrick Rothfuss on the back cover so you can't knock that endorsement!

The Blurb

In the contested and unexplored territories at the edge of the Empire, a boat is making its laborious way up stream. Riding along the banks are the mercenaries hired to protect it—from raiders, bandits, and, most of all, the stretchers, elf-like natives who kill any intruders into their territory. The mercenaries know this is dangerous, deadly work. But it is what they do. In the boat the drunk governor of the territories and his sons and daughters make merry. They believe that their status makes them untouchable. They are wrong. And with them is a mysterious, beautiful young woman, who is the key to peace between warring nations and survival for the Empire. When a callow mercenary saves the life of the Governor on an ill-fated hunting party, the two groups are thrown together. For Fisk and Shoe—two tough, honorable mercenaries surrounded by corruption, who know they can always and only rely on each other—their young companion appears to be playing with fire. The nobles have the power, and crossing them is always risky. And although love is a wonderful thing, sometimes the best decision is to walk away. Because no matter how untouchable or deadly you may be, the stretchers have other plans.

Reading through some of the reviews on GoodReads and it seems to be a mix of genres - steampunk, supernatural, fantasy, western, horror... so I am now really intrigued to add this to my TBR pile (which is growing out of control daily despite my best intentions to get it under control!) so look forward to reporting back on my review!!

Does anyone else subscribe to monthly book subscription boxes? Are they good value? Any you recommend? Really look forward to hearing your thoughts as they do seem to be gaining in popularity!

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