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Friday, 3 June 2016

Garden Goings On....

It hasn't been the best week for the garden! Who'd have thought that the last week of May/ first week of June would bring such cool temperatures, grey skies and bucketfuls of rain!! Well, that has been life in Essex this week so to see any colour in the garden at the moment is a delight!

Had the fun job of pulling up all the forget me nots that had been lighting up the borders with their pretty blue flowers yesterday, so I now have gaps!! A rare sight indeed in my garden as i do love to cram plants together - perfect for stopping weeds if there's no room for them to grow!

The Roses and Clematis around the garden are now thriving though which is a lovely sight, and the scent of the pinks and carnations are filling the garden with their amazing perfume!

 This blue Corydalis Pere David, is a fairly new addition to the garden as I bought it at a recent Plant Fair at the RHS garden Hyde Hall.  We like to have plants with some link to our family so whenever we spot a plant with a family members name then it has to come home with us! So this was bought to remember my lovely Uncle David and I think he would have approved of the unusual blue flowers!  Definitely hoping it sticks around for years to come so will have to look into its' care once it has finished flowering - if anyone has this in their garden how do you look after yours?! Any advice always welcomed!!
 And also a pleasure to see the Auriculas return as they were looking a little bit sorry for themselves a month ago, but seem to have got over their little sulk and the flowers are beginning to shine again! I would really love to have an Auricula Theatre but space is limited so having to make do with them just displayed on a wall hanging display unit for now!

Slugs and snails are still a major problem and they've been loving the damp weather so I'm on a constant watch over my dahlias - some have survived better than others! As have the Lillies thanks to the evil red Lily beetles! No matter how many I seem to squish, more seem to move in! Definitely an annoying pest!

Many jobs still left to do out there but hopefully in some nice weather!!

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