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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Shattered Girls review



Ella’s decision to return to her doll form has caused more trouble than she ever thought possible.

Gabby’s a moody teen. The professor is gone. And people are going missing at alarming rates; including Gabby’s parents.

Robotic dolls – eerily similar to Ella – are popping up across the globe and nobody seems too concerned about it. Nobody except for Ella and Gabby.

With only the crazed Sianne left to help them, the girls must fight to find the truth behind the epidemic and the robotic dolls.

Only Ella doesn’t think they’re robotic at all…


I first read Broken Dolls last year and became obsessed with it - partly because of the weirdly, wonderful cover

see what i mean??! how could you not love a book with a cover like that!!  But the story of the human doll, Ella, really captivated me and I was so pleased to hear that the second book of the series was set to come out - thankyou Curiousity Quills for sending me a copy of Shattered Girls so i could get back into Ellas' world once more!

And it is a world totally worth delving back in to!  We catch up with Ella and Gabby 5 years later, so we are now into the world of school and teenage angst.  All the characters have really developed so you get more of a feel for them all and when classmates start disappearing, along with Gabbys parents then it's up to Gabby, Ella and crazy auntie Sianne to help track them all down and find out just what is going on and why there are so many clone professors appearing!

Loved the writing style as before and it seems to have taken the plotlines up a notch or two as there are a couple of themes running through the storyline now and all building up nicely for the 3rd in the series - Fractured World - which I'm now itching to get hold of!

Highly recommend reading both books in the series if you love your books a little different from the norm but interesting storylines and fascinating characters!

Expected publication: June 13th 2016 by Curiosity Quills Press

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