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Friday, 10 June 2016

The Life of Elves Review


book one of #20booksofsummer


The highly anticipated new novel from the acclaimed author of The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

The villagers had never seen anything like it: dense white curtains of snow that instantly transformed the landscape. Not in autumn, not here in Burgundy. And on the same night a baby was discovered, dark-eyed little Maria, who would transform all their lives.

Hundreds of miles away in the mountains of Abruzzo, another foundling, Clara, astonishes everyone with her extraordinary talent for piano-playing. But her gifts go far beyond simple musicianship.

As a time of great danger looms, though the girls know nothing of each other, it is the bond that unites them and others like them, which will ultimately offer the only chance for good to prevail in the world.


I really wanted to love this book! From the gorgeous cover to the lovely blurb it sounded like it was going to be a book I could dive straight into and get immediately swept along in..... but it wasn't!!  And that really annoys me!

This was my first book for the Twitter #20booksofsummer readalong so I was hoping to get off to a great start so with the promise of fairytales, magic and nature it was looking good!

There were the odd glimpses of what I thought this book was going to be and I loved reading about Maria and Clara, and how they were being brought up in 2 different places but with a link to a future battle of good vs evil.  But the story just seemed to overcomplicate itself at times so I was often going backwards and forwards wondering if I'd missed anything and wondering who the various characters were who were being introduced along the way!

Loved the link with nature and at times the  detail and settings were wonderfully described, but it didn't happen often enough and a lot of it seem jumbled and nothing seemed to be happening for certain chapters.

maybe it is one of those books I need to re-read at a different time and hopefully it will sink in a little more then and hopefully I'll have more clues when part two is released!


  1. Too bad! Sometimes it's better if the storyline doesn't get too compicated with new characters coming along. Hopefully you'll enjoy your second book more. :)

    1. my thoughts exactly! second book has already got me under its' spell thankfully! :)