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Saturday, 9 July 2016

20 Books of Summer update!!


books 6 and 7!!

So, how are we all doing with our challenges?!  Have to admit that I have been slacking a little recently due to my brain refusing to co-operate with my willing attitude!!  And as i've been saving these books for weekend reading, then I found myself involved with other things.  But not this weekend so it has been catch up time and so far so good!!

Book 6 - The Improbability of Love by Hannah Rothschild

I don't think this was on my original list of books to read for the 20booksofsummer but I was so intrigued by reviews I'd read and heard (on booktube) recently that I had to get myself a copy and I am now very glad I did as I found myself reading this with a smile on my face!  And that hasn't happened in a while with some of the other books I've found myself reading. Always good to find a book dealing with a lighter look at life and this was the perfect antidote to some darker books and depressing events in real life!

It really is a fairly simple story of a missing painting, and the fact that one of the points of view of the book was from the perspective of the painting itself was hugely enjoyable, and was one of my favourite characters! You could just imagine it was exactly how a work of art would see itself!

It is full of a wide range of characters with a variety of good and bad points in their characters, and this just adds to the many layers of this book as you see how their lives unfold and revolve around the whereabouts of this mysterious painting that has the Art world getting its' knickers in a knot over!  Loved the satirical look at the Art world and all involved in it and it has just made me more interested in the world of paintings and desperate to visit an art exhibition or two!

Highly recommended if you are looking for a fun escape this summer!



Yes, I admit it. I'm a sucker for a pretty bookcover and yes, this is what first drew me to this book!  But after reading the blurb I really thought this was going to be a quirky book that would appeal to me, and it did!!

Another simple story really  - a postman who lives a very lonely life, but has a secret passion for stealing a few personal letters from his rounds, reading them, and then posting them back on their way.  It's this obsession of his that brings him to fall in love with the art of Haiku poetry as he becomes obsessed with the correspondence of Segolene and her friend, Grandpre, who write notes to each other in the Haiku form.

When tragedy strikes he fears that his insight into the life of Segolene will come to an end, and this is where the journey for him begins of taking his obsession one step further.  His behaviour could be seen as a little creepy, ok a lot creepy!, but it is done with such innocence that it can be forgiven and you just get lost in the beauty of the words and the tragedy of the lives and the lengths he will go to connect with someone he thinks he knows through her poems.

This was such a lovely little book (128 pages) that I managed to read it all in one sitting and I loved its' quirkiness and its' ability to be so thought provoking!

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