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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Joy Book Club Subscription Box Review

The increase in the popularity of monthly subscription boxes is amazing and after subscribing to some beauty/lifestyle boxes over the past year, I've been happy to see a lot more Book subscription boxes appear!  

A lot of these are centred around YA books which aren't for everyone, but I recently saw a review for a service called The Joy Book Club The Joy Book Club where they send you a book each month, along with a few other items in the box that relate to the book and enhance the reading experience! So I thought i'd give it a go as it got me intrigued!  And I have just received the June box and I've been pleasantly surprised by it all!

It turned up first thing this morning, wrapped in a yellow piece of string which was cute and then I was greeted with yellow tissue paper as I dived in!!

And here's the first look at my goodies! Penguins are one of my favourite animals so that won me over almost immediately seeing a book about a penguin!  Great start!

I've never heard of this book before so am intrigued to read it!

Chocolates!! Who can resist!  And I love the added touch of the handwritten message 

A super cute penguin bracelet was also included so i can take my own pet penguin with me wherever I go!

and these lovely candle melts are also part of the June package so I look forward to melting these to add to the festive period of the book! 

And also included is a playlist made up of songs to listen to while you're reading the book,  which is another really clever part of the  whole book club vibe and shows a  lot of thought has gone into the whole set up!

So my first month of subscribing will definitely not be my last and I'm looking forward to seeing what future months have in store! It's all a surprise until the box arrives and this just adds to the intrigue and excitement!!  Top marks to the Joy Book Club creators for such a fun monthly treat!

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