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Friday, 26 August 2016

Garden Goings On

Really been neglecting my garden blogging recently so I apologise if you've been looking forward to seeing lots of  nice pictures of flowers and wildlife!! It has been going on in my garden but I've just not shared any of the photos so thought I'd do this catch up as the end of August approaches and the garden seems to be on the winding down stage again - other than waiting for some Dahlias to appear and to harvest the James Grieve apple tree which is bountiful to say the least this year!  Have already made some rather lovely Apple Scones using apples from the tree so can highly recommend trying those if you haven't made any yourself!  Link below!!

Apple Scones Recipe

So, the weather has been extremely hot here in Essex recently so I've given up on caring about the shade of green the grass it, as I'm sure the heavy rain showers will soon return and bring it back to life! 

And I had given up on seeing many butterflies this year as the Buddleia bushes have been flowering for quite some time now, but very little butterfly action.  But the heat of the past few days - 30 degrees plus - have seen them return in droves which has been wonderful to see.  If only I could keep the neighbours cats away from butterflies as they rest on the verbena!!  Evil furry creatures!! 

Just a few little visitors then to flutterby in my garden!  Much quieter now on the flowering front too which is something I need to work on for next years garden! There is always a lull now until my Dahlias and Chrysanths begin to appear and I'd just like to add some variety to my planting to extend the flowering season - any suggestions greatfully accepted!

Doing very well for Tomatoes at the moment along with apples and grapes, oh and runner beans but everything else seems to have gone a bit flat so back to the planning and getting ready for some Autumn pruning.... but first to carry on enjoying the blue skies and heat!

Happy Gardening!!!

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