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Saturday, 17 September 2016

In the garden today.......

Been a bit of a  mad week weather wise!  30 degrees plus for the first half of the week which meant very little actual gardening got done - it was too hot! - and then finally the rainfall by the end of the week which has pleased the plants, and also the slug and snail population it seems as they are all back out in force again.... boo hiss!!

So the head gardener, Archie the bunny, has been out on patrol this morning to see what needs his own unique style of pruning!!  Luckily he got distracted by some dandelions in the lawn - actively encouraged to grow here as they are so good for bunnies! - so I managed to get on with a bit of light pruning and tomato harvesting.

And it has been a very good year for tomatoes it seems! Hope you've found the same?!  Only grew a couple of varieties this year but the Sungold - small orange ones - have been a constant source of harvest for ourselves and the family next door!! The beefsteak tomatoes are the biggest I've ever seen and I lost the labels of the other smaller varieties I grew - oops! - but they've cropped well too and no sign of blight..... yay!!

Dahlias!! I love them!!!  Starting to show off their best now with still many buds not yet big enough to flower so have been really pleased with how they've grown.  Currently grow them in pots for no other reason than it was more convenient for looking after them during the winter, but i am hoping to plant them out properly next year.... if they make it through whatever Winter throws at us this time!  We have a clay soil so it can get a bit wet and sticky so will just need to keep an eye on what the weather does and hope things make it through!

Have also been really impressed with Primula Vialii this year as I managed to split one plant into many smaller plants, and they've been constantly flowering. Just as long as they are well watered though as they do prefer a moist compost and are quick to dry out and flop, which did happen during the dry, hot spells with a couple of them!

A grey, damp day today so my plan of action is to sort through the packets of seeds I've accumulated over the year thanks to magazine subscriptions and free gifts!  The buddleia also need to be pruned back although some still are flowering well so will leave those flowers on for as long as possible for the bees and butterflies!

What are you all up to in your gardens at the moment? I'm hoping to visit an Autumn Plant Fair tomorrow so intend to just 'browse' but that never ends up happening so will see what newbies make it home with me, so I may be back with another blog post to share my purchases!!


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