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Friday, 16 September 2016

My Week in Books....

Hello bookish people!  Hope it's been a good week for you all! Been a pretty good week here on the book front although I do have some shameful news to share...... my September self imposed book buying ban came to a crashing halt this week :(  Rubbish I know as I was doing so well! But I made the silly error of 'browsing' in a charity shop in a place we visited this week, and sitting on their shelves were 2 books that had been on my 'wants' list for a while.  So what else could I have done!!?? So maybe I need to turn October into a no books month instead!!

The heatwave has been almost unbearable here in Essex for the past week - back to cooler temperatures and rain today though! - so it has been perfect for reading as it was just too hot to do anything too strenuous!  So here's what I've got through this week and  a little summary!

It's 1814 and the streets of London's Covent Garden are at the centre of a dark trade, enticing rich and poor alike with a cocktail of gin and beer and sex. Behind their own fashionable private doors in the surrounding parishes a group of aristocratic young men are found murdered, all of them wearing the mask of a satyr, all of them behind locked doors with no signs of entry. 

Constable Charles Horton's investigation into these violent crimes begins, quite by chance, at Thorpe Lee House in Surrey, where accusations of witchcraft have swept the village. What connects these broken London men, savage with the pursuit of pleasure, and a country village awash with folklore and talk of burning witches? 

The answers lie, yet again, under lock and key, in a madhouse for the deranged, where Horton's wife Abigail seeks refuge from her disordered mind. In this world of witchcraft and madhouses, whores and aristocrats, it's a savage magic indeed that holds its victims in its thrall.

Lloyd Shepherd's most ambitious novel to date is a triumph of the imagination. His rich cast of characters weaves a hugely satisfying story of depth, insight and exquisite drama

This was a book I borrowed from the library after seeing the cover and reading the blurb and I'm glad I was swayed as it was quite an enjoyable book - something a little different to the norm!


This was a wonderful historic insight into someone I'd never heard of, which is unbelievable when you read of the historical figures she encountered and was such great friends with.  A real delight of a book!


It's the perfect love story.

Lily meets Ed at a party, and on their second date, he proposes. She's a lawyer, he's an up-and-coming artist. They own a small but beautiful flat in London and mix with all the right people.

But Lily has a secret. Something from her past, that is soon to collide with her present. And she thinks her new husband is hiding something too...

The vows they made will soon be tested to the very limits.

'Till death us do part...

Was lent this from a friend, so knew very little of it other than her thoughts of it which were very high praise indeed! And I found myself racing through it too! Found it to be really well written, very gripping and had me guessing all the way through!


The old world is dead, and humanity struggles to survive in the shadows of the new one. Kyle, Sara, and Tim are scavengers, hiding in the remains of human civilization from the hungry things that destroyed it. Living on the few items that haven’t rotted in the thirteen years since civilization was wiped out. 

But something has shown itself: A terrible creature that betrays an intelligence in the madness of the creatures that rule the planet. 

When the group finds Kaylee, a little girl who claims to know of a safe haven somewhere in Tennessee, they embark on a desperate journey to find it. Memory and loss, depravity and salvation— their last run will put them face to face with horrors of both man and monsters the likes of which they’ve never seen.

This was a download from NetGalley based purely on the stunning cover!!  It just caught my eye and the story also caught my attention.  Very similar to The Girl With All the Gifts in its' storyline, but I found it to be really captivating and I am looking forward to reading the next in the series


They say every marriage has its secrets.
But no one sees what happens behind closed doors.
And sometimes those doors should never be opened …

Sal and Charlie are married. They love each other. But they aren’t happy. Sal cannot leave, no matter what Charlie does – no matter how much it hurts.

Another book I was lent by my friend and another corker!! I knew nothing of this book either and I think that is the best way to read this book as I didn't know what I was in store for so that made it even more enjoyable (not sure if that is the right way to describe it considering the subject matter!) but I had my breath taken away by the ending!! So if you are going to read this, avoid all reviews as some people often share too much in their summaries and spoil it for others!!


Julia Greenfield has a problem: she's twenty-six years old and she's still a virgin. Sex ought to be easy. People have it all the time! But, without meaning to, she made it through college and into adulthood with her virginity intact. Something's got to change.

To re-route herself from her stalled life, Julia travels to spend the summer with her mysterious aunt Vivienne in North Carolina. It's not long, however, before she unearths a confounding secret—her 58 year old aunt is a virgin too. In the unrelenting heat of the southern summer, Julia becomes fixated on puzzling out what could have lead to Viv's appalling condition, all while trying to avoid the same fate

Another NetGalley download and I found this to be a little disappointing considering what I was hoping it would be, but it was still a fun and easy read that helped an afternoon fly by a little quicker!

So! That brings me up to today where zero reading has been achieved so far as I'm trying to catch up on other things that I've discarded while I've been distracted by reading!  Have visited NetGalley again over the past couple of days - I just can't stay away! - so got a couple of interesting new titles to read from there, along with a manuscript from Choc-Lit publishers to read this week and also just made a start on a couple of hardbacks I've had on the shelves for a while so hopefully next weeks' round up will be just as full!

Always happy to hear about what you've been reading and any recommendations you have - old or new - of what else I can add to my TBR pile!!

happy reading!!!

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