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Friday, 9 September 2016

My Week in Gardening!

Thought I might try and start doing a weekly - will probably end up monthly haha -  round up of all things gardening to help me keep on track with everything as I've been very slack on the gardening blogging recently - tut tut!!

Been a good week though with lots of sunshine, and even the odd spot of rain (ok, not enough to soak the garden but it was a start!) so the garden is still looking pretty green and colourful, mainly thanks to the Dahlias!! I'm sure they should be made compulsory for every garden!! 

I have my Granddad to thank I think for my appreciation of Dahlias as he always used to grow them in his back garden, and the image of them still remains so vivid in my memories!

Also got to enjoy even more Dahlias at the Local Horticultural Society as it was their Autumn Show last Saturday.  Really enjoy seeing what other people have been growing in their gardens and I have to admit to leaving with a notebook of new Dahlia names to look out for when I'm next on a garden shopping spree!!  If only I had more space!!

And then the wonderful NGS (National Garden Scheme) Open Days are still continuing to help raise so much money for charities, and me and my parents managed to visit one of our favourite gardens in Danbury last Sunday. It had been a couple of years since we'd been able to go, so it was lovely to see how the garden had changed in that time and see the different plant combinations - more notes were taken in my notebook!! - and how they work in a garden enviroment!

The tea and coffee cake was rather splendid too! Well, it's rude not to and it also helps raise even more money! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!

Really struggling to attract birds into the garden now that 2 local neighbourhood cats have decided our garden is the best place to snooze in so that is a little disappointing as I loved feeding the different varities we used to get visiting.  Have now taken to using a mulch of mahonia leaves, and holly, underneath the bird table in the hope that it persuades the cats to go elsewhere! Anyone got any fail safe methods of making cats go away?!

Tomatoes and Apples are still plentiful in the garden so the neighbours are enjoying food parcels from us at the moment!  I've become rather partial to Apple Scones now so made another batch yesterday so they are helping the crops disappear!   Lots of grapes too on my granddads grape vines although they still seem a little sour and we have never really used them to make anything - any suggestions?!

Lots of pruning ahead over the next couple of months with out of control clematis, ivy, buddleias and roses to tame!  Archie bunny is on hand to quality control everything we put in the green bags - such a helpful pet!!!

Happy Gardening!!

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