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Thursday, 1 September 2016


Is it me or is 2016 flying by quicker than ever??!!  A garden centre near to where we live already has its' Christmas Department up and open for business.... aarrgghhh!!!    

So, with time going faster I've decided I need to set myself little goals for each month as I seem to be falling behind on everything from reading to gardening, to cross stitch projects and even down to letter writing - yes there are still people out there who have pen-pals and enjoying receiving hand-written letters every now and then although we do seem to be a rare species nowadays!  

So how do you organise yourself?! A pin-board? Notebooks? Reminders on your phone/computer?!  I'm rather partial to a list on a random piece of paper but they do have a tendency to go walkabout, or I forget where I've left them, or have a cleaning spree and throw them all away before everything is ticked off!! So I thought I might try organising myself through my Blog while I have it!!  Great in theory I know, but I'm sure I'll forget to check back here at some points and go back to my bad old ways!! But it's always worth a try eh!!

And here's my wishlist for this month.... in no particular order!!

1.    BOOK BUYING BAN  ......aaarrrggghhhhhhhhhh The most evil known torture to any bookworm but long overdue in my case I think! I can't resist a browse in a bookshop or charity shop whenever I get out and about, so that often ends in purchases and then there are the emails in my inbox telling me of wonderful new releases!  Or the many posts on Twitter advertising deals for e-books or signed editions that i surely MUST HAVE on my shelves!! But this month I must say NO!!!!!! The TBR piles are currently hiding in my wardrobe and they need to be trimmed, not added to!!  I have managed before but it never gets any easier, and then I must try and not go over the top the following months hee hee!!

2.    STOP WASTING TIME......  yes i am the worlds' worst (or should that be best?!)  procastinater!!  I know there is stuff to be done but I get distracted by a drawer that might need sorting through, or old magazines that need to flicked through to see if there is anything worth keeping before throwing it away/donating to the charity shop!  So this month I will be focused!! I will not find ways to while away half an hour (internet games I hold you responsible!!) and I will be organised and sort through paperwork as it comes in and not leave it in a pile for looking at another day!  A whole new me!!!   Stop sniggering at the back!!!

3.  XSTITCH FASTER!!  As a cross-stitcher the lure of new projects is high, and more so with the advent of the internet as there are always new pages to be found of gorgeous new designs.  My current storage for all my cross stitch goodies is under my bed!  And there are boxes of kits and charts and threads all sitting waiting to be used and have been there for a long time!  But I already have 2 bigger projects on the go - a baby sampler, and a tribute to Prince courtesy of HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) so they should be my main focus! Plus September is also the best time to start stitching cards ready for Xmas and I don't do as  many as I used to ( I find they aren't appreciated as much by non stitchers) but I will be starting a few for those who I know keep the cards I make for them!

4.  GARDENING     - I am lucky that I can get out in the garden most days, even just for 10 minutes or so, when I'm supervising the bunny on his daily jaunts in and out of the foliage!  And the garden is very well established so, in my eyes, beginning to look a little tired round the edges so I just think it needs a little new look and some old, underperforming plants need to go.  Easier said than done I know as I am loathe to just dig up a plant and bin it, but I need to be more ruthless and structured with things and not hang on to things out of sentimentality!  I also need to sort through the mountain of seed packets that I have accumulated recently through buying Gardening magazines and then be ruthless and not hang on to all of them 'just in case' so friends and family may be getting seed packet pressies very soon!

5.  NETGALLEY SHELF   - if you aren't on NetGalley then this will mean very little to you. But if you are then you understand the struggle every time you visit to 'browse' not to add just a couple more titles to the shelf, especially with publication dates just around the corner!!  I think my shelf is currently standing at 13 which is quite low for me but I think it needs to be well under 10 before I feel happier and calmer about reading deadlines approaching!  If any publishers could just stop adding titles to the page to make  life easier for me this month, it would be much appreciated!!!! ;)

Maybe I should stop there for now and see how I get on with that little lot!!!  It all seems pretty simple when you sit back and read it all, but I'm sure I'll fall back into my old habits fairly quickly!! Do you have any surefire ways to snap yourself out of bad habits?!  Would love to hear what might be on your September To Do Lists!

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