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Friday, 21 October 2016

In the garden.......

Greetings from the Garden!

Been neglecting my garden blogging recently - my apologies!  Would love to say that I've been too busy working in the garden on various projects but I've been neglecting out there too - I am ashamed of myself!!

Not that the garden seems to be suffering too much through my pitiful gardening attempts this month.  After such a dry summer, we have finally had a few showers that seem to have helped keep things going a little longer than normal - although the lawn is still suffering so think an Autumn feed may be required to help 're-green' it to its' former glory!  And it is still fairly mild during daylight hours, and no real frosts yet overnight so am still waiting for the Dahlias to be hit so am just enjoying their flowers for a little while longer!

These Primula Vialii are on their 2nd or 3rd flush of flowers now - not bad for a bargain buy in a local garden centre! Managed to split the plant up too so 'free' plants are always a winner!

The pot chrysanthemums have been slow to flower this year and this russet coloured flower has just begun to bloom, whereas the pink version is yet to open!

Poppies are still continuing to flower around where they've self seeded - in the ground, in concrete.... they seem to flower in any condition and are the perfect low maintenance flower!

Have put in some new grasses recently so am hoping they soon settle in and love how they are mixing with the colour of the Acers behind! 

The Dahlias have been amazing this year too and still continue to flower so am hoping the frosts hold off a little longer!

 Just beginning to enjoy the gorgeous colours of the Acers and their changing leaves!  Need to repot a few of them soon as they are beginning to outgrow their pots!  Just hope we have the space for slightly larger pots and an ever increasing collection of Acers!

The only negative of the garden recently has been the lack of wildlife due to the increase in the number of neighbourhood cats :(  I used to feed a wide variety of different birds from a number of bird tables and feeders, but now we are lucky just to see a few Wood Pigeons and Collared Doves as the others seem to have been scared off by a number of feline trespassers.  Any advice on how to keep cats out but keep birds in?!  Have tried using Pepper Spray to no avail - maybe the local cats have no sense of smell! - and have just ended up resorting to chasing the cats away when we see them..........

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