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Saturday, 1 October 2016

October Objectives

My plan to have an online 'TO DO' list continues although not really sure it helped me too much during September!!  So maybe my 'to do' list needs to become a 'MUST DO OR ELSE' list just to get the message across to myself!


Shocker! I need to read more!! And I need to read quicker!! And October already seems to be a busy month for me with some wonderful new releases on the way and also a couple of online Book Club reads I've decided to join in with - how could I turn down re-reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak??!!

  One of my all time favourite books so can't wait to revisit that wonderful experience - i bet i still cry! And I have just discovered on GoodReads that I didn't review it when I read it first time, so am looking forward to reviewing it soon!

 And the other bookclub read is I See You by Clare Mackintosh - really loved I Let You Go so bought this in hardback and looking forward to another gripping read!


Just realised I haven't added many posts here about my cross stitching exploits so that needs to be rectified - putting it on the MUST DO list right now!  I always have a project or two on the go and my main focus at the moment is a Heaven and Earth Designs chart of When Doves Cry that they released in memory of Prince 

I love the designs that HAED create and although they are very complicated and take forever to stitch as they use so many colours, it is always worth it when you see the final result! So I have almost finished 2 A4 pages of charts - I think there are 10 to go! Should keep me busy most evenings!


Tidy. Prune. Move Plants.  Buy Bulbs. Plant Bulbs. Oh and figure out ways to stop local  cats using various beds and borders as toilets..... any suggestions warmly welcomed!! Please!!


This seems a never ending task in our household! My ability to let go of stuff seems to be quite a problem and although I'm not at hoarder level as seen on tv, I do find some drawers and cupboards filled with stuff that I no longer look at or need...  And even though regularly take stuff to a local charity shop, there never seems to be any extra space about! So time to be be ruthless! Time to stick more stuff on ebay and hope to raise a few pennies, and also time to sort out all the boxes and albums of photographs that have built up in my  wardrobe that I've been planning on sorting 'on a rainy day!! I will live in  an organised, streamlined house one day.......honest!!

That's enough for me to be getting on with for now I think!  Now to get achieving those objectives..... 

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