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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Raindrops on Roses.....

A pleasant sight greeted me in the garden this morning for the start of October! Overnight rain!  It has been a long time coming it seems and more is forecast for today although it hasn't arrived yet!

So it has been good to do a bit of pottering and pruning out there so far today and the pleasure of picking homegrown dahlias to bring indoors never gets old!!

The slugs and snails have enjoyed the rainfall as well though so they've been circling my favourite flowers so I may have relocated a few to the compost bin! I can never understand why they don't just head there in the first place for easy pickings on the food front!

Still planning a few changes in the garden over the coming months - have a few plants that are underperforming so need to be bold and just get rid.  I always tend to hang onto plants for too long just to give them 'one more chance' of fulfilling their potential but no more!!  I need to be more ruthless and any gaps created is always a welcome excuse to visit a local garden centre or try growing more seeds!

The list of pruning still remains so with the weather forecast set to stay fairly calm and sunny, other than today, I think that has to be my main focus before getting too creative!  Need to start the spring bulb buying process soon too!  Already being tempted by catalogues arriving through the post with various tulips and daffodils on offer - how can any gardener resist!!


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