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Friday, 18 November 2016

My week in books!

Bonjour!!  Friday seems to have turned me French this week!  Not sure why!!  Has put me in the mood now to find some French related books so watch this space in the coming weeks to see if I found any - suggestions of the best reads set in France always welcome!!

Hope everyone has had a good bookish week!! Been a pretty good week on the reading front and on the acquiring new books front too. Yes, I know I keep saying I need to stop buying but I failed! Again!!  And my book obsession has now led to me this week getting rid of the TV and DVD from my bedroom, so I could replace the TV unit with new book storage!! Have had lots of fun this afternoon putting one unit together, and now just waiting on Argos to deliver the smaller unit this afternoon! They have til 6pm...... i'm waiting!!

So, on to the books!!  Been a good day on the BookPost front today as my signed Cecelia Ahern book that I won via a live Facebook signing arrived!!! Squeeee!!!

How blooming fabulous is that!!!!  Anyone read it yet?!  Has been on my radar since it was released as I love her style of writing so I just can't wait to sit down and start reading it!

And today was the day my November Book And A Brew subscription box was delivered!  Have been impressed with this service ever since I joined up a few months ago and another new title for me arrived today with some more yummy tea!

Have to admit to knowing very little about The Glasgow Coma Scale  and it has received some 'interesting' reviews on GoodReads so I will withhold further comment until I read it!

And then there was another rummage round a charity shop or two in the hunt for Persephone books!  And I struck lucky once more, so I now have 2 Persephone books for my collection haha!  And this one cost the princely sum of £1!

Hence the need for new shelves to display these gorgeous books on!!  The quest for more continues!!

Books I've read this week

The Descent of Man by Grayson Perry

The Road To Ever After by Moira Young

The Last Days of Leda Grey by Essie Fox

Some really good reads for me this week!! Am now also in the middle of reading another 3 books - why have 1 on the go, when you can have 3!! - and am enjoying all of those so hopefully will have those finished very soon to share my thoughts on!  With nothing planned for the weekend either, other than re-arranging my new bookshelves!, there should be plenty of time for reading and the weather is definitely turning more reading friendly! What can be better than a hot chocolate, or cup of tea and a book while it is freezing outside!!

Wishing you all a happy weekend!!

Happy Reading!!

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