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Saturday, 5 November 2016

This week in the garden.....

Hello! It seems to be 'act like a meerkat' day in the garden today! Archie the bunny got bored of being a rabbit so struck a few meerkat poses while he's been out and about on garden patrol this morning!

There has been  rain!! hallelujah!! Not so good for humans, but great for the lawn and soil which has been left so dry throughout this Summer and early Autumn here in Essex!  There was a frost too earlier in the week  so it's beginning to finally feel a lot like Autumn!

And the flowers are still blooming! Some beautiful colour in the trees as well, even though a lot of my Acers are beginning to drop their leaves finally.  Time for some leaf mulch making I think!

Please excuse the wonky and broken bird table! The very fat Wood Pigeons have almost destroyed it while trying to get peanuts so a new one is on the shopping list to buy - hopefully it will be wood pigeon proof!! 

Still managed to enjoy some sunshine this week and it's always a good time to snap a few flower pics in the gorgeous light!  These poppies and nasturtiums just haven't stopped flowering for months now and are still going strong into November.  Just waiting for a big frost to turn them into a nice soggy mess!

And the roses are still enjoying some flowering time too!  Some haven't done so well this year so need to look into maybe moving them or cutting them right back in the hope that rejuvenates them. Blackspot is still lingering on some too so if anyone has any helpful hints on removing that then I'd love to hear from you!

The early frost hasn't dampened the flowering spirit of the Dahlias either so a few of them are still going strong and supplying a few flowers for us to bring indoors and enjoy there!

Have been buying a few more Tulip Bulbs recently so looking for a dry, sunny day this month to get out there and plant those up! will put some in the borders and some in pots so hopefully get a lovely display in Spring!

Happy Gardening!!

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