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Saturday, 17 December 2016

MothBox Unboxing!

There's a new Bookish Subscription service in town!  And it's called MothBox!  Run by the lovely Vlogger Mercedes Mills MercysBookishMusings  and she can also be found on Twitter too MercysMusings .

I do love a Bookish subscription box so was rather pleased to hear about this new one, and managed to be one of the lucky 100 to sign up in time for the premiere box!  I think she was overwhelmed with the support she received and is looking to increase the number of boxes available for the next sign up which is every other month!  And unlike a lot of subscription boxes with this one you get 2 books from smaller publishers and I love this part of it as it introduces you to books that you wouldn't normally get to hear about!  A great way of finding new authors and publishers alike!

And my first box arrived the other day!! Ooohhh too exciting!!  Beautifully wrapped and presented and this is what greeted me as I opened the main box!  

And once you rummage through the stringy bits you find treasure in the shape of books!  Love the tags too as they can be used as bookmarks and have a lovely cryptic clue as to what's inside the tissue paper!

And this is the first book!!   Trio by Sue Gee which is one I'd never heard of but it sounds beautiful

Northumberland: the winter of 1937. In a remote moorland cottage, Steven Coulter, a young history teacher, is filled with sadness and longing at the death of his wife. Through a charismatic colleague, Frank Embleton, and Frank’s sister, Diana, he is drawn into the beguiling world of a group of musicians, and falls gradually under their spell. But as war approaches a decision is made which calls all their lives quite shockingly into question. Moving between the beauty and isolation of the moors, a hill-town school and a graceful old country house, Trio delicately explores conscience and idealism, romantic love and most painful desire. Throughout it all, the power of music to disturb, uplift and affirm is unforgettably evoked.

And then there is book two to be enjoyed! Call of the Undertow by Linda Cracknell

A beautifully written, haunting tale of motherhood, guilt, myth and redemption set on the rugged coast of Caithness at Scotland’s furthest edge.

When Maggie Thame, a childless forty-something from Oxford, relocates to a remote village at Scotland’s most northern edge, it’s clear she’s running away. But to the villagers the question remains, from what?

Pursuing her career as a freelance cartographer, she lives in self-imposed isolation, seeking refuge in the harsh beauty of her surroundings. This is disturbed when she falls into an uneasy friendship with Trothan Gilbertson, a strange, other-worldly local nine-year old. Like Maggie, it’s unclear where Trothan really comes from, and what secrets might be lurking in his past. The lives of both become intertwined, with violent consequences that will change the destinies of woman and boy forever, forcing Maggie to confront the tragic events that first drew her to this isolated place.

In this, her debut novel, award-winning writer Linda Cracknell explores themes of motherhood, guilt, myth and the elemental forces of nature in a lyrical, taut and haunting account of damaged lives seeking redemption

This also sounds like a totally captivating read so am really looking forward to starting both of these very soon as they sound like the perfect wintry reads!

So my verdict on the first MothBox is A+!!  If you'd like more details then please visit the website here MothBox and roll on January is all I can say!!

Happy Reading!!

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