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Friday, 16 December 2016

My week in books.....

Greetings from myself and Archie the bunny!  Hope everyone is well! I'm not!! The dreaded cold germs have had me under attack all week so have been feeling very sorry for myself and despite the extra lemsips, echinacea and Vitamin C, it is still proving difficult to shift so I will have to double up on doses for a little longer!!

On the book front things have been a lot healthier! My creaking bookshelves might disagree though as there may have been a few books arriving - oops! - but they were deals too good to be missed so I HAD to buy them!!  Been pretty successful on the reading front too thanks to some books I bought for my nephew and niece that looked too good to be missed out on so I read those - very carefully! - to see if they were suitable for presents! Happy to report they were!


a boy called christmas by matt haig

 the girl who saved christmas by matt haig

The racehorse who wouldn't gallop by Clare Balding

The Butcher's Hook by Janet Ellis

How is that little lot for a mix of reading material?!!  Enjoyed them all though, especially The Butcher's Hook so can highly recommend that if you haven't already read it and you are looking for a fascinating, dark read!

Books Received

Received a proof copy of The Beautiful Dead by Belinda Bauer in the post this week via the lovely people at Penguin Random House, and have dived straight into reading this as it has one of those covers and blurb that lures you in - and so far so good!!

And as I'm part of the Choc Lit publishers Tasting Panel where we are sent manuscripts to read in the hope that a future e-book/paperback success will follow, it is always wonderful to see something you read make it to a published book, and the wonderful What Doesn't Kill You by Laura E James copy arrived in the post this morning!  Click on the link to get your copy NOW!!  Paperback out in January 2017

And then there was a set of Penguin Classics with the gorgeous Clothbound covers!!  12 of them!! Foyles were offering a special deal around Black Friday and it was a deal I couldn't say no to as a treat to myself! Well, I think I deserved them!!

See how pretty they are!! All designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith and I think I need more of the editions to now add to my new collection! Hopefully I will get to read them all in 2017 as one of my aims is to read more Classics, although I'm now wondering if I should be putting my grubbly little mitts on these editions and just using them to look at on the shelves?! LOL! The dilemmas of a bookworm eh! And how is a girl supposed to choose which one to read first?!  Suggestions greatfully received!!  Do I brave War and Peace?! Or start with a lighter read?!

So a good week!  And now to finish it off with a bit of extra reading time as I sit surrounded by lozenge packets and used snotty tissues! The joys!!


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