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Friday, 23 December 2016

Pre-Christmas Book Haul

Merry Christmas everybody!! Hope you are all set and have survived the madness of the shops!!  All this for one day that flies by so quickly!! And i've already noticed certain shops have started their sales already!! I haven't been tempted to click on the email links.... yet!

Not much reading been going on here this week but there has been lots of lovely book post arriving so I thought I would use my weekly round up to share pictures of lovely new books - and try and figure out where to store them all as my new bookshelves are already a little more full up than I'd hoped!

So here goes.....

Madeleine Altimari is a sassy, smart-mouthed nine-year-old and an aspiring jazz singer, inwardly mourning the recent death of her mother. Little does she know that on Christmas Eve Eve she is about to have the most extraordinary day - and night - of her life.

After bravely facing down some mean-spirited classmates and a galling rejection at school, Madeleine doggedly searches for Philadelphia's legendary jazz club The Cat's Pajamas, where she's determined to make her on-stage debut. Meanwhile, her fifth-grade teacher Sarina Greene is nervously looking forward to a dinner party that will reunite her with an old high-school crush. And across town at The Cat's Pajamas, club owner Jack Lorca discovers that his beloved haunt may have to close forever . . .

As these three lost souls search for love, music and hope on the snow-covered streets of Philadelphia, together they will discover life's endless possibilities over the course of one magical night. A vivacious, charming and moving novel, 2 A.M. At The Cat's Pajamas will swell your heart and have you laughing out loud.

With my Book And A Brew Subscription Box this month I received a copy of 2 A.M at The Cat's Pajamas.  A book I'd never heard of before but I've dived straight into reading it as it sounded quite festive and from what i've read so far, I'm really enjoying it! Am loving the little girl Madeleine, so look forward to sharing my review soon!

Four siblings meet up in their grandparents' old house for three long, hot summer weeks. But under the idyllic surface lie shattering tensions. 

Roland has come with his new wife, and his sisters don't like her. Fran has brought her children, who soon uncover an ugly secret in a ruined cottage in the woods. Alice has invited Kasim, an outsider, who makes plans to seduce Roland's teenage daughter. And Harriet, the eldest, finds her quiet self-possession ripped apart when passion erupts unexpectedly. 

Over the course of the holiday, a familiar way of life falls apart forever

And then I won a Christmas Competition on Twitter care of the lovely people at Vintage Books, and the copy of The Past by Tessa Hadley arrived this week.  Never read anything by Tessa Hadley before but always hear great things so hoping to get to this over Christmas too!

Was also extremely pleased to receive a proof copy of The Wild Air by Rebecca Mascull - if you haven't read  The Visitors or Song of the Sea Maid of hers then you need to... NOW!! - which isn't released until the 6th April 2017 and looks set to be another inspiring book that I just cannot wait to dive into! No blurb around at the moment, but I will be sharing more about this book in due time!  

Vicky Seagrave is blessed: three beautiful children, a successful, doting husband, great friends and a job she loves. She should be perfectly happy.

When she risks everything she holds dear on a whim, there's only person she trusts enough to turn to.

But Vicky is about to learn that one mistake is all it takes; that if you're careless with those you love, you don't deserve to keep them . . . 

'A tense and utterly engrossing story' Tammy Cohen, author of WHEN SHE WAS BAD and THE BROKEN
'A compelling page-turner which kept me reading well into the night.This book will make any woman look at her best friend with more than a touch of suspicion . . .' Jane Corry, author of MY HUSBAND'S WIFE
'A page-turner that explores how friendship, mothering, marriage, and events in the past can collide in unexpected andtumultuous ways' Beth Miller, author of THE GOOD NEIGHBOUR and WHEN WE WERE SISTERS
'A brilliant, gripping read. I couldn't put it down' Claire Douglas, author of THE SISTERS and LOCAL GIRL MISSING

Another Proof Copy arrived this week - One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis - courtesy of Penguin RandomHouse and due to be released  in ebook form in February 2017 and in paperback in June 2017.  Looks set to be another intriguing read

The second in the Hampstead Murders series opens with a sudden death at an iconic local venue, which some of the team believe may be connected with an unsolved murder featuring Cold War betrayals worthy of George Smiley. It soon emerges that none other than Agatha Christie herself may be the key witness who is able to provide the missing link. As with its bestselling predecessor, Death in Profile, the book develops the lives and loves of the team at 'Hampstead Nick'. While the next phase of a complicated love triangle plays itself out, the protagonists, struggling to crack not one but two apparently insoluble murders, face issues of national security in working alongside Special Branch. On one level a classic whodunit, this quirky and intelligent read harks back not only to the world of Agatha Christie, but also to the Cold War thrillers of John Le Carre, making it a worthy successor to Death in Profile which was dubbed 'a love letter to the detective novel'.

As a member of the Urbane Publications Book Club, the first of the January releases arrived in the post today and has me itching to read it with it's atmospheric cover and exciting blurb!

My name is Ruby. I live with Barbara and Mick. They're not my real parents, but they tell me what to do, and what to say. I'm supposed to say that the bruises on my arms and the black eye came from falling down the stairs.

But there are things I won't say. I won't tell them I'm going to hunt for my real parents. I don't say a word about Shadow, who sits on the stairs, or the Wasp Lady I saw on the way to bed.

I did tell Mick that I saw the woman in the buttercup dress, hanging upside down from her seat belt deep in the forest at the back of our house. I told him I saw death crawl out of her. He said he'd give me a medal for lying.

I wasn't lying. I'm a hunter for lost souls and I'm going to be with my real family. And I'm not going to let Mick stop me.

And this stunner of a cover - I can't stop staring at it!! - also arrived as a proof today from Faber and Faber, set to be released in February 2017.  I was a big fan of Kate Hamers' The Girl in the Red Coat, and so am excited to see if this matches up to the thrilling story of that one!

That little lot should keep me out of too much trouble for a while eh! Am also hoping that Santa will bring a few more book shaped presents my way over the next couple of days - I think I've been good enough! - so hopefully there will be a post Christmas book haul post to share soon too!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas with lots of reading time!!  Ooh and lots of food!!

Happy Reading!!

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