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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Christmas Garden

Greetings from my little garden in Essex!  No frost recently which has been a blessing to me, but a little confusing for all the plants as a lot of them are thriving and even flowering long after they should have, and some look ready to bloom again even though they should be having their winter nap!  And definitely not napping are the local squirrel population who are happily stocking up on peanuts from the bird table - think this little chap might have overdone it as he was taking time out on the fence panel this morning!

Am always impressed with the Nemesia as they happily self seed all over the place and seem to flower all year long!  My kind of plant!

Got a few viola and pansies in pots again this year - it's rude not to i think! - and they are putting on their cheery display as always before the bulbs buried below them get to take over in the Spring!

Speaking of which, these Tulip bulbs are beginning to show signs of life as well as being dug up by the squirrels :( Anybody found any ways to stop bulbs being disturbed by wildlife?! Happy to hear some hints!

A few roses are also still happily blooming away so I'll let them carry on and leave the pruning until Spring!

We have a couple of Camellias in pots and they didn't do so well last year but they all seem quite happy this Winter with plenty of buds so hopefully they will put on an impressive display soon!  Think they could do with repotting so another job for the to do list of 2017!

Great time of year for the yellow plants in the garden too as the Mahonias and Winter Jasmine are flowering away beautifully and adding some fragrance to the garden!  Always a welcome addition!

And the poppies refuse to be beaten by cold or rain so are flowering wherever they have seeded themselves!  I really should dig some up as they are in various cracks and pots they shouldn't be in, but I'm the kind of gardener who feels mean if I do that! So they stay!  And take over LOL!!

Not much maintenance to do out there at the moment, although I still need to prune back the Grapevine, that used to belong to my Granddad, and also have another little prune of the apple tree - and my rabbit can enjoy the offcuts of that!  Also still managing to cut the lawn so that seems to be another all year round job now too!  And as you can see, lavender pruning isn't my job anymore! The bunny is an expert at that!!

Happy Gardening!!

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