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Friday, 6 January 2017

My week in books

First week of 2017 done and dusted! And already flying by it seems! Hope your New Year has begun well! My cold has finally gone so am hoping the fluctuating weather - mild one day, freezing cold the next - doesn't make it return anytime soon! There is only so many cups of Lemsip one person can drink!!

On to the book front! As I blogged earlier in the week, there have been purchases already despite my best intentions! But there could have been a lot more so I'm congratulating myself on not buying even more despite the temptation!!  Am still looking into finding room for another bookcase though but think another book declutter may be required! Took a big bag of books to a local charity shop this week so I've made a start - anyone else find it difficult deciding what books to keep or chuck?! Any tips on helping make the process any easier?!

On the book reading front it has been an extremely good reading spell since Christmas!  My reading mojo returned thankfully so here's a little look at the titles, all excellent by the way, that have made my reading time so happy in the past 7 days or so.....

Lyrebird by Cecilia Ahern

This was the book that rekindled my love for reading as I found it to be really captivating and beautiful as it described the journey of the girl who had lived in isolation in the forest and how those around her thought that making her live in 'their' world was the right way for her to share her unique talent.  A touching romance develops too and I just enjoyed the pace and ambience of it all.

Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land

This was a brutal and twisted read but stunning in its' subject and storyline and had me gripped from start to finish!

The Legacy of Lucy Harte by Emma Heatherington

Still thinking about this book days after finishing it! Such a beautiful story and message throughout and lots of laughs and tears in equal measures!

The Phantom Tree by Nicola Cornick

This was an enjoyable, easy historical/supernatural read.featuring the present day and Tudor England with some of its' most famous names.

2 A.M. at The Cat's Pajamas by Marie-Helen Bertino

This was a magical little read that I read in one sitting and the character of Madeleine is difficult not to fall in love with!

Call of the Undertow by Linda Cracknell

This was another captivating read full of emotion and featuring characters who are looking to escape the past and finding comfort where they least expect it.

A nice varied little batch of books there!  Am definitely finding myself drawn to so many different genres now and I think that is helping keep me happy on the reading front as I did used to get bogged down in reading just one genre and then finding myself getting bored of that!

Hope your weeks have been full of some good reads! I've now got to try and get through the next week without adding to the book collection, and also have some more very interesting reads ahead with some publication dates approaching!  

Happy Reading!!

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