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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Signs of Spring......

Have neglected my gardening blog recently so apologies!  December and January seem to have flashed by in the blink of an eye and with only a small covering of snow for one day, the garden seems to have survived the winter well - so far!  Archie the bunny has been keeping a close eye on the garden on his daily hops round and this was him pruning the geraniums that are as tough as old boots! And delicious to rabbits as well it seems!


Hellebore Heaven out there at the moment with more flowers opening on a daily basis!  Added just one new plant to the collection we already have, Anna's Red, which seems to have settled in well and has plenty more buds on to follow!

The brave Bees who are still out and about have been making the most of the Mahonia and the winter flowering clematis 'Freckles' that haven't stopped flowering for what seems like months now!  Always so important to have flowers blooming all year round and now I see why!

And then for scent, my favourite, the Sarcococca is currently filling the garden with such a wonderful fragrance.  I'm even bringing in branches to put in vases around the house to enjoy the scent all day long!  Think it might be due a little extra prune after flowering this year as it has gone a little out of control in the border that it is in - but I wouldn't be without it and have also planted one in a pot down our driveway to enjoy the scent out there too! It loves shade too and is very low maintenance - what more do you want from a plant?!

And then there is the promise of flowers on their way! The pots I planted of Tulips and Daffodils are all showing promising signs of life as are the Tree Peonies that are dotted around the borders!

Trying my best not to add too much to the borders at the moment as I have a few plants to move around but I have started sowing some Sweet Pea seeds in the mini greenhouse as I found a stash of seed packets in a drawer the other day that need to be used up this year - I'm not alone in finding seed packets in places they shouldn't be am I?!

Cold and snowy weather forecast again over the next few days so will wait and see what, if any, damage that does to everything!   Speaking of snow, the snowdrops seem to be clumping up nicely in a few places although I do think they are flowering a little later than last year.  

Was very quiet in the garden over the weekend of the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch - does anyone else find that?!  A garden packed full of a variety of birds during the week and then they all disappear when they need to be counted! Still  they all seem to be out there considering how much bird food I'm having to put out on a daily basis, often twice daily! I think the local squirrels may also play a big part in making it disappear so quickly!!

Still have a fair few jobs lined up for the garden when the drier weather hits and want to carry on with sowing a few more seeds indoors and out to get those under control - hopefully! - and then work out a planting scheme for the year ahead! Still find that the garden is very full in Spring, pretty sparse in the Summer and blooming again in Autumn!  So any suggestions for plants to bridge the gap between Spring and Autumn is warmly welcomed!  Bunny proof plants especially welcomed!!

Happy Gardening!!

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