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Thursday, 13 April 2017

April in the Garden

Welcome to my April garden blog!  Hope your garden has exploded into life like mine!  The milder, settled Winter seems to have done a world of good for all the flowers, and I've never known the Tulips or Camellias looking so wonderful!
Also managed to see a fair bit of wildlife so my daily trips to the bird tables to restock is now part of the routine!  And the butterflies have begun to appear - although I did have to perform a rescue mission the other day as a neighbourhood cat decided to catch a butterfly.  Managed to chase off the cat who dropped the small white butterfly and I did fear the worst!  But thankfully it showed signs of life so I just gave it some sugar water while it was resting on my hand, and it was such a lovely sight to see it fly off again!

 And then there have been the Tulips!!  It definitely is worth the planting time in November when you see them all appear - often in places I'd forgotten I'd put them in, and colours I'd forgotten about too!   The ones I leave in the ground permanently all appear to have returned, and then I've put others in pots that are all flowering well so I might plant them out when they've finished flowering - any excuse to free up pot space for more buys in the Winter!

This Coronilla is throwing off some amazing scent this year and flowering in abundance so I'd highly recommend adding this small-ish shrub to your garden if you are looking for extra fragrance in your garden this Spring!
yep the bunny is still patrolling the garden! He seems to be enjoying pruning the geraniums and peonies at the moment......ggrrrrr!!

and more Tulips!   

 The old water feature that I planted up with alpines is also beginning to fill out a little more - despite the tree fern close by taking up valuable light!  I think the secateurs may be making an appearance over the easter weekend for some light pruning!!

And then today the first Poppy appeared!  The Peonies are also beginning to show signs of life with buds ready to burst open - is it always the way that when they begin to flower then the winds pick up?! Or am I just imagining things?!  

Something I didn't imagine was the Lily Beetles out and about on my Lillies the other day - 3 of the little critters were quickly dealt with so am back on daily patrols to see if more move in!  I'm sure they are appearing earlier and earlier in the garden every year!  Slugs and snails are also seemingly high in number already so let the battle commence!!

Have also begun sowing more seeds in the mini greenhouse so have sweet peas and dahlia seeds doing quite well.  Need to sort through the packets I appear to have stockpiled and see what needs sowing in the next couple of months and need to get some more veggie seeds ready to go too!  Hopefully the Easter Weekend will be kind on the weather front, so I can get out there and do a bit more pottering and pruning!

Happy Easter and Happy Gardening!!

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