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Monday, 8 May 2017

The Night Visitor by Lucy Atkins Blog Tour - review

Delighted to be involved in the Blog Tour today for this creepy thriller that has kept me holding my breath as I read it!  You too will become obsessed with dung beetles once you've read this book!! 

How far would you go to save your reputation? The stunning new noir thriller from the author of the bestselling The Missing One and The Other Child. Perfect for fans of I Let You Go and The Ice Twins.
Professor Olivia Sweetman has worked hard to achieve the life she loves, with a high-flying career as a TV presenter and historian, three children and a talented husband. But as she stands before a crowd at the launch of her new bestseller she can barely pretend to smile. Her life has spiralled into deceit and if the truth comes out, she will lose everything.
Only one person knows what Olivia has done. Vivian Tester is the socially awkward sixty-year-old housekeeper of a Sussex manor who found the Victorian diary on which Olivia's book is based. She has now become Olivia's unofficial research assistant. And Vivian has secrets of her own.
As events move between London, Sussex and the idyllic South of France, the relationship between these two women grows more entangled and complex. Then a bizarre act of violence changes everything.
The Night Visitor is a compelling exploration of ambition, morality and deception that asks the question: how far would you go to save your reputation?


If you are looking for a story to creep you out and have you wary of trusting anyone, then look no further!!  This is the story of Olivia who has a seemingly perfect family, and is a bestselling writer/tv personality/historian - but sometimes things aren't quite as they seem!!  

The story centres around the points of view of Olivia and the 60 year old housekeeper, Vivian, who has helped her with research for her latest  book.  And as the release date approaches then Olivia starts to realise that the book she has written may not be as truthful as she thought it was, and Vivian knows this and threatens to shatter her dreams and bring her whole world crumbling down.

Vivian is a very complex character who has suffered throughout her life, and when she spends time with Olivia and her family she starts to see them as friends and thought she could rely on them to keep her company.  From Olivias' point of view nothing could be further from the truth and does all she can to avoid any contact.  Vivian isn't going to give up without a fight!

Olivia is also struggling to deal with her own life as her family life crumbles around her and events from her past soon come back to haunt her.

This story has creepy undertones from the very beginning and as  a reader you find yourself wondering just who to trust and realise there are secrets on all sides.  This book really gave me the chills at times and the levels of deception from both women is cleverly drawn out and leads you to a stunning conclusion.  Having each woman take it in turn with each chapter to give you their side works so well for the plot line and you will also find yourself learning to be fascinated about dung beetles!  

Chillingly dark thriller!

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