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Saturday, 3 June 2017

The garden in June....

Greetings from a muggy Essex garden!  We keep being promised a storm today but no sign yet - just the odd shower that is almost over before it starts!  Just as long as there's enough to save me from watering the garden I'll be happy!

And the garden has exploded over the past few weeks!!   I probaby say this every year but 'I've never seen so many flowers'!!  Whatever Winter did to the garden it has worked and the Peonies and Roses are the best I've ever seen them, and it is such a pleasure to cut flowers from the garden to have indoors!

The shadier parts of the garden seem to have done well too and the Foxgloves I sowed last year are beginning to show themselves off so will definitely be sowing more of these so that they can bulk out and fill the rest of the beds!!

Garden has also been buzzing with Bees and various other flying bugs and today I spotted a Mint Moth - nope, I'd never heard of them before either! - enjoy the Erysimum so that was lovely to see!

Both the Oriental and Iceland Poppies have been blooming well although weirdly one whole flower head was found on the floor the other day almost like it had been sliced off by a knife - or slug! - so that made for a nice table arrangement in a bowl of water for a few days! They will soon look messy though so am counting down the days to a bit of tidying to help rejuvenate them!

The Iceberg rose over one of the arches down the path has shown off again with the number of blooms this year!  There is also a Clematis, Honeysuckle and Jasmine on this arch and I think it may be a little too much so might have to have a major pruning session and see if I can move one or more to a different spot as the weight just seems too much for the arch to cope with!

This is the view from my bench in the corner - now you can see why I struggle to find gaps for new plants and why the lawn keeps shrinking year in and year out!


All about the Rose explosion at the moment though! Happy to report very little Blackspot has been sighted too so am hoping it stays that way as it was quite bad last year.

The only disappointments so far this year has been the veggie and salad crops! Everything just seems really weedy and not bulking out so not sure what is going on there! The Apple and Plum Trees are both laden with fruit at the moment so that's a positive! Now to wait for June drop and see what is left!

I do like this time of year as things seem to slow down a little on the maintenance front so there is more time to just enjoy the garden!  The fight against slugs and snails continues though!! Even found them chomping away on a fly paper the other day!!


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