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Friday, 7 July 2017

Bookish Weekly Wrap Up!

Good Day to you all!  I thought I'd share a photo of the rather stunning Beeleigh Abbey, near Maldon in Essex - unfortunately this isn't my own private garden! - where I've managed a lovely visit to their Gardens with my parents! Can never resist a 'mooch' around some pretty gardens - and to sample the tea and cake on offer as well!! Happy to report that their Lemon Cream sponge was rather yummy and looking foward to another visit sometime soon!

Speaking of tea and cake, always brings me on to the subject of books!! Hope you've all had a good bookish week!! I feel like I've not achieved much on the book front this week, but looking at my little book notebook - how can anyone survive without taking notes?! - it seems to have been another good week on the reading front with 5 books finished, as well as a secret reading mission that I can't talk about until the 18th July!!!, and there may have been some books bought too!!


Click on the title of each book if you'd like to see my GoodReads review!


Managed to treat myself this week to a couple of books - one online, and one from a charity shop rummage!!

The Strange Disappearance of a Bollywood Star by Vaseem Khan

Mumbai is a city that thrives on extravagant spectacles and larger-than-life characters.

But as Chopra is about to discover, even in the city of dreams, there is no guarantee of a happy ending. Rising star and incorrigible playboy Vikram Verma has disappeared, leaving his latest film in jeopardy. Hired by Verma's formidable mother to find him, Inspector Chopra and his sidekick, baby elephant Ganesha, embark on a journey deep into the world's most flamboyant movie industry. As they uncover feuding stars, failed investments and death threats, it seems that many people have a motive for wanting Verma out of the picture. And yet, as Chopra has long suspected, in Bollywood the truth is often stranger than fiction...

I love this series so am so excited to read the next installment and find out what help the wonderful Ganesha will be investigating this latest case!

The Wedding Diary by Margaret James

Where's a Fairy Godmother when you need one?

If you won a fairy-tale wedding in a luxury hotel, you d be delighted right? But what if you didn't have anyone to marry? Cat Aston did have a fiancé, but now it looks like her Prince Charming has done a runner.

Adam Lawley was left devastated when his girlfriend turned down his heartfelt proposal. He's made a vow never to fall in love again.

So when Cat and Adam meet, they shouldn't even consider falling in love. After all, they're both broken hearted. But for some reason they can't stop thinking about each other. Is this their second chance for happiness, or are some things just too good to be true?

Margaret's successful historical trilogy has been praised by many; the first "The Silver Locket" won the 2010 Single Titles Reviewers' Choice Award. This is the first contemporary and links to her trilogy

A sparkly, glittery cover!! How can a girl refuse one of those!! Had seen a rather glorious review for this one from the rather lovely  and I know we have very similar tastes with some of our reading habits so knew I had to have this in my Choc Lit collection!

Was lucky to win a Proof of THE HIDDEN KEYS BY ANDRE ALEXIS from a competition that Serpents Tail Publishers ran on Twitter so very interested to start this one soon as it sounds intriguing!

Although the Green Dolphin is a bar of ill repute, it is there that Tancred Palmieri, a thief with elegant and erudite tastes, meets Willow Azarian, an aging heroin addict. She reveals to Tancred that her very wealthy father has recently passed away, leaving each of his five children a mysterious object that provides one clue to the whereabouts of a large inheritance. Willow enlists Tancred to steal these objects from her siblings and solve the puzzle.A Japanese screen, a painting that plays music, an aquavit bottle, a framed poem, and a model of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater: Tancred is lured in to this beguiling quest, and even though Willow dies before he can begin, he presses on.As he tracks down the treasure, however, he must enlist the help of Alexander von Wurfel, esteemed copyist, and fend off Willow's heroin dealers, a young albino named "Nigger" Colby and his sidekick, Sigismund "Freud" Luxemburg, a club-footed psychopath, both of whom are eager to get their paws on this supposed pot of gold. And he must mislead Detective Daniel Mandelshtam, his most adored friend.Based on a reading of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, The Hidden Keys questions what it means to be honorable and what it means to be faithful.Andre Alexis was born in Trinidad and grew up in Canada. His most recent novel, Fifteen Dogs, won the prestigious Scotiabank Giller Prize, awarded annually to the best Canadian fiction book."

And then today, this beauty - Shelter by Sarah Franklin - made its' way to me via the wonderful people at Readers First and this is one of my most eagerly anticipated reads and I'm hoping it doesn't let me down!!

Early spring 1944.
In a clearing deep within an English forest two lost souls meet for the first time.

Connie Granger has escaped the devastation of her bombed out city home. She has found work in the Women's Timber Corps, and for her, this remote community must now serve a secret purpose.

Seppe, an Italian prisoner of war, is haunted by his memories. But in the forest camp, he finds a strange kind of freedom.

Their meeting signals new beginnings. In each other they find the means to imagine their own lives anew, and to face that which each fears the most.

But outside their haven, the world is ravaged by war and old certainties are crumbling. Both Connie and Seppe must make a life-defining choice which threatens their fragile existence. How will they make sense of this new world, and find their place within it? What does it mean to be a woman, or a foreign man, in these days of darkness and new light?

A beautiful, gentle and deeply powerful novel about finding solace in the most troubled times, about love, about hope and about renewal after devastation. It asks us to consider what makes a family, what price a woman must pay to live as she chooses, and what we'd fight to the bitter end to protect.


The Farm at the Edge of the World by Sarah Vaughan

This is my current bedtime read and I'm a little torn at the moment as to what I really think about it!!  It is intriguing me but not wow-ing me as I had hoped it would.  Over halfway through now so still has plenty of time to win me over more!!

Summer at Rose Island by Holly Martin

Number 3 in the White Cliff Bay series, and with 2 5 stars from me for the first 2, then I am hoping this one makes it the hat-trick!! Looking forward to being swept away again by the lovely Holly Martin!

And there we have it!! Another week done and dusted, and now I'm in need of a cuppa and a biccie or two, so I will bid you all a fond farewell for this week and wish you a wonderful weekend of bookish activities!!



  1. Five books finished - in a week? Seriously? I read 10 last month! Wow :) that's truly impressive.

    1. ha thankyou! I find the more I read, the quicker I get at it! And TV has been pretty rubbish so I've spent more time reading instead! :)