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Friday, 14 July 2017

Bookish Weekly Wrap Up!!

Hello book world!!  How are we all doing? Full of happiness I hope that another week is almost over and done with!  The sunshine has brought my garden to life again this week - we even had some much needed rain which has been a blessing - so I've been enjoying 'trying' to snap some pretty butterflies but a lot of them seem to have a 'camera detector' fitted to their wings so as soon as I move in, they fly off! Thankfully this Comma didn't seem to notice me!  And the beauty of the internet is taking a picture of something and then being able to search images to identify something - this butterfly below is a Ringlet .... no I'd never heard of them before either!! But i'm very glad he stopped by!

So, on to the book part of my week!!  Another week of some fabulous reads and some rather wonderful bookpost has kept me smiling and makes me so grateful for being a 'reader'! I now regret all those years when I never picked up a book for whatever reason - partly due to health issues - and am so thankful now that the art of reading has found its' way back into my life and for all the great adventures it brings to my days and nights!!


Yay! The crappy TV schedule has allowed for extra reading time this week so another 5 books have been finished!  This might change now that Game of Thrones is back next week..... anyone else excited by this news?! ..... but we will see!  Click on the book title for links to my GoodReads reviews if you wish to find out more!!


Still being very restrained when it comes to adding to the TBR mountain, although I was rather chuffed with a purchase I made via Amazon Marketplace as when it arrived - after I'd paid a whole 1p for it (minus the P&P obviously!) - it turned out to be a signed first edition!! It was only advertised as a 'good used' edition so this kind of surprise I like!!  Some Kind of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce

And then there was more surprise book post that arrived today from the wonderful Choc Lit UK team, who I'm happy to be part of via the Tasting Panel that they have which gives readers a chance to read manuscripts submitted to them, and give their thoughts and opinions on them.  Luckily one of the manuscripts turned into a rather fabulous book Before You by Kathryn Freeman and is now available in paperback form - with a rather cool quote inside from a certain 'Book Blogger and Reader'!  Wasn't expecting that but am now feeling very chuffed!  
The chocolate made for a nice surprise too haha!! It won't be lasting long unfortunately!

Currently Reading

The Somnambulist by Essie Fox

When 17-year-old Phoebe Turner visits Wilton's Music Hall to watch her Aunt Cissy performing on stage, she risks the wrath of her mother Maud who marches with the Hallelujah Army, campaigning for all London theatres to close. While there, Phoebe is drawn to a stranger, the enigmatic Nathaniel Samuels.

And I'm in the choosing process of starting something else too!  Never gets any easier does it!! Do I go for something that has been on my shelves for what feels like forever, or do I go for one of the newer releases that I was so excited about when I bought it?!  Does anyone use the jar method where you write all your TBR titles on bits of paper and then pick one out of the jar randomly?!  I like the concept but wonder if it works well in practice! I'm sure something will jump out at me sooner rather than later!  

Hope your bookish weeks have been just as good! Always looking for new recommendations so feel free to share your favourite reads of the week... who knows it could jump to the top of my TBR pile!!


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