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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Bookish Weekly Wrap Up!

And so we meet again!  Thank you for stopping by to check up on how my week has been  bookwise!  And happy to report that thanks to a rather fabulous Bank Holiday Weekend of very little socialising, and lots of hot weather to enjoy/endure, that meant my books finished total went up again and a grand total of 4 books were started and finished this week!  So that creeps my GoodReads reading challenge up to 146 for the year so far - way ahead of schedule!  So I could take the rest of the year off reading if I wanted to....... yeah right! Like that will happen with so many good books being released and already waiting on my shelves!!  So here's a closer look at all those books that have kept me entertained this week, along with new arrivals and those I'm currently reading! Please click on the book title for links to my GoodReads reviews and GoodReads blurbs!



Been fairly restrained again and treated myself to just one book this week, but the postie has brought me some lovely bookpost from lovely publishers that I'm really looking forward to diving into over the next few weeks - hopefully!!

 First up, I treated myself to this beauty from Jen Campbell! It is her latest release and I did plan to give it to my niece, but I think I might have to buy another copy for her as I have fallen in love! Dragon!! Bookshops!! Need i say more?!  

 I always love a good historical mystery so this sounded perfect when I heard about it via Twitter, and the publishers kindly sent a copy my way so it's on my 'TBR v soon' pile!!

With Autumn fast approaching, I'm ready to tackle a few scarier thrillers and this sounds like it might be a little unsettling! Perfect for those dark nights! 😱

Was lucky enough to win this fabulous Tote bag and book from the wonderful Allison & Busby via a Twitter competition so looking forward to stepping back in time with The Land Girls!


Halfway through this one and racing to get to the end as it's got me gripped!

Feel like I've been reading this forever!! That's not to say I'm not enjoying it, as I am, but as I only read it before bed it seems to be taking a while longer to read it all!

And another week is now all nicely wrapped up and filed away!  How has your bookish week been? Good? Bad? Indifferent?!  Here's to a fabulous weekend ahead anyway!!


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