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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

#bookreview The Fourteenth Letter by Claire Evans


A mysterious keepsake, a murdered bride, a legacy of secrets...

One balmy June evening in 1881, Phoebe Stanbury stands before the guests at her engagement party: this is her moment, when she will join the renowned Raycraft family and ascend to polite society.
As she takes her fiancé's hand, a stranger holding a knife steps forward and ends the poor girl's life. Amid the chaos, he turns to her aristocratic groom and mouths: 'I promised I would save you.'
The following morning, just a few miles away, timid young legal clerk William Lamb meets a reclusive client. He finds the old man terrified and in desperate need of aid: William must keep safe a small casket of yellowing papers, and deliver an enigmatic message: The Finder knows.
With its labyrinth of unfolding secrets, Claire Evans' riveting debut will be adored by fans of Kate Mosse, Carlos Ruiz Zafon and Jessie Burton.

Publication Date 21st September 2017
Publisher Sphere Publishing
Amazon UK  paperback £7.99
Book Depository  paperback £7.89


I'm always drawn to stories set in Victorian England and this was  a fabulous read that keeps you on your toes from start to finish!  An engaging and complex mystery that combines history, murder, secrets and lies into the gothic world that was evolving at a fast pace.
From the opening brutal chapter, the reader is left in no doubt that there are those who are willing to go to extreme lengths to keep certain secrets, and how does a shy young legal clark called William Lamb get mixed up in it all?!  
Each character we meet along the way has their own fascinating story to tell - from Savannah, the brash American watching over others and always looking over her shoulder, to Harry Treadway, the detective who ends up investigating the society murder - and how it all may be linked. Just when you think you may have an inkling of the meaning of it all, you are thrown another curve ball and the mystery is wide open again!
I loved how well paced the story was! It is sometimes the case for msyteries to drag a little and be bogged down with too much detail, or too many characters, but this zipped along so well and I often found myself reading on 'just one more chapter' as I couldn't bear not knowing what was just around the corner!
The story flows seamlessly from character to character as they all add to the underlying current of what are some so hellbent on keeping secret, while others try to unravel the secret world they knew nothing of. 
Thankyou to the publishers and author for the advanced reading copy in return for a fair and honest review.

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