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Saturday, 16 September 2017

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up!! An Epic BookPost week!!

Hello and Happy Weekend!!  Hope all is well in your worlds - been struck down with the sniffles here on and off this week so am dosing up on extra Vitamin C, echinacea and chocolate (I'm sure I read somewhere that it helps... or I could be making it up!) in the hope that it stops a full on invasion of germs!!  Definitely a chill in the air though now so the winter coat is back out in action!!

And Autumn and Winter means one things to Bookworms - long dark nights perfect for curling up with a good book or two!!  And so it has been! Although it hasn't been as productive reading wise for me this week - 3 finished books - it has been an extremely productive Book Post week.. oh dear!!  New ideas for book storage always welcome!!  So here's a little looksie at what has been keeping my Booky brain amused this week!!  Please click on the book title for a link to my GoodReads review / and/or book blurbs!


A solid week of books to see me through the week!!  And all very different too!


I think my postman may be cursing me this week! It has been a steady stream of bookish shaped parcels arriving! And that's with me behaving myself on the buying front too!!  I do have my eyes on a couple of books at the moment but can't really justify buying them just yet until I get the reviewing pile down a little!  So, time to share some gorgeous covers with you all!

Published by Headline Review
Release Date 8th February 2018

This might have to be read this Halloween!! Just hoping it isn't too scary!! 

Published by Urbane Publications
Release Date 12th October 2017

Received this ARC ahead of the Blog Tour I'll be taking part in during November so watch this space for more news nearer the date!

Published by Bonnier Zaffre
Release Date 21st September 2017

Love the sound of this black comedy and who doesn't love a grumpy character in books?!

Publised by Bonnier Zaffre
Expected release date 5th October 2017

After reading the first impression of this on the fabulous Readers First site this historical story really caught my eye so am looking forward to starting this soon.

Published by Duckworth Books
Out now!

The stunning cover sold me when I was contacted by the Publisher about this one, and the story sounds rather fabulously dark too!!

Published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Release Date 11th January 2018

Any cover with trees on the front immediately has my attention, and the blurb for this too sounds rather haunting and thrilling so another read perfect for the coming months!

Published by RiverRun 
Release Date 5th October 2017

The more I read, the more I want to learn about the book world and all the Authors I haven't discovered yet, so this book will hopefully lead me to some new favourites and the amazing stories behind them!

And then there was a treat to myself! I pre-ordered these from Goldsboro Books a couple of months ago.  They are a wonderful bookshop in London that specialise in first editions and signed copies too, so a definite must if you are a collector!

Phew!! See, I told you my postman hates me this week!!  Ooh and there was another treat in the post for me today as my monthly Bookishly Tea and Book parcel arrived!! My Penguin book collection is coming along rather nicely thanks to this treat to myself each month! And I'm discovering some fabulous new tea flavours as well, along with some fab stationery items and bookmarks!!

And I wonder why I've run out of spaces on my bookshelves!! Oops!!  I regret NOTHING!! 


Still reading this as part of the #Decamorama September readalong hosted by @MementoMoriAdam and enjoying this a lot more than I thought I was going to! Always a pleasant surprise when something turns out better than you expected!

Was looking for something light to read in bed and have had this on my shelves for a while. And so far so good! Really enjoying the pace of it and liking the characters so let's hope it all continues in a positive way!!

And there we have it!!  I think this week has been rather exceptional on the Book Post front, so hopefully things will calm down again next week and I can get back to powering through a few books to lessen the daunting TBR pile!!  Hope you've had a good reading week?! Any recommendations?! Or ones to avoid?! LOL!!


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