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Saturday, 23 September 2017

My bookish weekly wrap up!!

Hello all!! Another week has raced by and I hope it has treated you all kindly!  Pretty normal one here - managed to get out and about to visit a local NGS (national garden scheme) Open Garden which was lovely (tea and lemon drizzle cake was also a highlight!!), and the weather has felt less Autumnal and even managed to enjoy some sunshine!!  The spiders are out in force though in the garden so I'm having to kung-fu my way down the garden path every morning so as to not end up with a face full of cobwebs or spiders ..... aarrrgghhh!!!

So on to the bookish side of life!! And it has gone well again and there may have been more book buying going on - although they've not got to me yet so I'm not going to include them until they arrive! Out of sight, out of mind is my motto of the week!!  Another 3 books have been finished this week so the reading side is going well!

So time to share how my week has looked in bookish form! Click on the titles for links to my GoodReads reviews and the blurbs of new books if you so wish!!



As I mentioned before, I have been on a little buying spree this week but won't post up about those until I have my grubby little mitts on them!! In the meantime, I have received two books that I treated myself to and 3 books arrived thanks to publishers and authors being rather lovely in return for me reviewing them!

Saw Simon Savidge of  Savidge Reads on BookTube review this and that prompted me to treat myself to this eerie looking book!

Bought the signed special edition from Waterstones and can't stop staring at the gorgeous cover! Still have The Lie Tree to read so looking forward to losing myself in this world!

I was contacted by the Author on Twitter seeing if I'd like to review this, and as soon as I saw the blurb I knew it should be my kind of book so hope to get to this very soon!!

Released in October, I was sent this after requesting it on BookBridgr, it sounds like a perfect Gothic read to devour! Perfect for Autumnal reading!!

Read the start of this on the Readers First site and it immediately grabbed me and I think I'm going to be in for a very emotional read with this one - the tissues are on standby!!


Got 3 on the go at the mo - ooh i'm a poet and i didn't know it!! - and all are keeping me really entertained in very different ways!!

All things bookish wrapped up again then!!  Heading off now to settle back on the sofa and will hopefully finish The Child Finder today - why is TV so pants on a Saturday?! - and then it's back to playing the 'ooh what book shall I read next' game!! 

Hope your current reads are keeping you entertained too! Any to recommend my way?! Would love to hear of new books that i MUST read!!


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