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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Made In Japan by S.J. Parks #BlogTour #BookReview

Absolutely delighted to be kicking off the Blog Tour for the debut novel from S.J. Parks today! It has been a treat to read it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I've done!


A young girl traces her mother’s steps all the way from London to Japan to search for the father she never knew.
Hana arrives in Tokyo with only two words in her mind: The Teahouse. She’s a long way from home in East London and still fresh from the loss of her mother. But her grief has sent her across to the other side of the world to find out who she is, and for Hana that means finding the Japanese man she has never met, her father with only these two words as clues.
Made in Japan is a beautifully woven story of a mother and daughter who, decades apart, tread the same streets of glittering Tokyo looking for that something that might complete them.
Publisher; Harper Collins
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The simple but stunning cover gives you a glimpse of what lies instore for you when you begin this reading journey.  I found it to be such an immersive read - the pace is quite gentle as you follow Hana in her journey of trying to find herself whilst grieving for the loss of her mother.
She was never told about her father so she travels to Japan to try and fit the pieces together of things her mother told her, and focus on 'the teahouse' which was the only clue she had to her fathers' identity.
Hana feels lost while she's there but she finds herself involved in the locals lives from the place she stays at, to the friends she connects with.
Alongside Hana and her story set in 2012, we also get to go back to the late 1980's to see life in Japan from the point of view of her mother and this is really where the story kicks in as the pieces fall into place. Names and places are soon integral to the quest she is on and I found this connection fascinating.
I did find the pace a little too slow around the middle where the story seemed to stall a little, but the extraordinary attention to detail both in the surroundings and traditions they both faced living in Japan really brought the story back to life. I also enjoyed the short, snappy chapters which were like little snapshots into daily Japanese life and human behaviour.  Her journey also evokes different memories of her childhood and her mother and this was another intriguing aspect to her overcoming her grief and the different emotions that this brings out in her - sorrow, anger, and all the unanswered questions she has going through her head.
Overall this was an enjoyable and emotive read and a great study of human relationships set in such a fascinating country.

Thank you to the author and publishers for the advanced copy in return for a fair and honest review.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Down the TBR Hole #11

I am back for  more organising fun!!  Still not quite there in being as streamlined as I want to be, so the process continues and I'm sure I'll be uncovering more books that I had completely forgotten about! Beginning to wonder if I should be a little concerned about how many books I add that I have no recollection of when I look back!!

Very grateful to Lia @ Lost In A Story for thinking this little exercise up to help us all keep our growing TBR lists in some kind of order and under control!!  Let's see what goodies/awful titles I'd wiped from my memory this time round......

Here is how it all works....

  • Go to your goodreads to-read shelf.
  • Order on ascending date added.
  • Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books
  • Read the synopses of the books
  • Decide: keep it or should it go?

When Jess’s daughter, Anna, is reported lost in an avalanche, everything changes.

Left to explain her mother’s absence to Anna’s five-year-old daughter, Rose, Jess isn’t yet ready to admit to herself that her daughter might not be coming back. But Anna’s disappearance dredges up some life changing questions: Jess must uncover her daughter’s secret life – and unearth a secret that changes her world irrevocably.

The day I lost you was the day I discovered your secret life.

The day I lost you was the day you tore our family apart.

Really love the cover of this one, and the story does sound like a bit of an emotional rollercoaster! Might be a good read for a dark winter night!

Verdict - KEEP!!


Every family has its skeletons, but in 1823 the grand Wallop family was about to share theirs with the world. The 3rd earl of Portsmouth was a peculiar man but, by most accounts, a harmless one. An aristocrat of enormous wealth, he kept company with England’s most famous names, inviting Jane Austen to balls and having Lord Byron as chief witness to his second marriage. For the first fifty years of his life he had moved with ease in high society, but at the age of fifty-five his own family set out to have him declared insane.
Elizabeth Foyster invites us into Freemasons’ Hall for the most extraordinary, expensive and controversial British insanity trial ever heard. Amid accusations of abductions, sodomy, blackmail and violence, jurors have to decide if Portsmouth is just a shy, stammering eccentric with foolish habits or a sinister madman attempting to mask his dangerous and immoral nature. Both provocative and heart-rending, The Trials of the King of Hampshire goes beyond the fate of a single man to question Georgian society and examine the treatment of the mentally ill and disabled both then and now

During Non-fiction November, I have rediscovered my love for non-fiction so spotting this one on my shelves has sparked my interest again!

Verdict - KEEP!!


Dolly Lane is a dreamer; a downtrodden maid who longs to dance on the London stage, but her life has been fractured by the Great War. Memories of the soldier she loved, of secret shame and profound loss, by turns pull her back and spur her on to make a better life.

When she finds employment as a chambermaid at London’s grandest hotel, The Savoy, Dolly takes a step closer to the glittering lives of the Bright Young Things who thrive on champagne, jazz and rebellion. Right now, she must exist on the fringes of power, wealth and glamor—she must remain invisible and unimportant.

But her fortunes take an unexpected turn when she responds to a struggling songwriter’s advertisement for a ‘muse’ and finds herself thrust into London’s exhilarating theatre scene and into the lives of celebrated actress, Loretta May, and her brother, Perry. Loretta and Perry may have the life Dolly aspires to, but they too are searching for something.

Now, at the precipice of the life she has and the one she longs for, the girl from The Savoy must make difficult choices: between two men; between two classes, between everything she knows and everything she dreams of. A brighter future is tantalizingly close—but can a girl like Dolly ever truly leave her past behind

I do like the sound of this but there doesn't seem to be enough to get me to read it anytime soon.



When life as you know it changes, will it define you, destroy you or make you stronger? 

Best friends Isla and Sophie made each other a promise a long time ago: to never let life pass them by. Years later, Isla is in love, living abroad and fulfilling her dreams. But for Sophie, things haven't turned out the way she was expecting and she hasn't achieved any of the things she and Isla talked about. And then, in one sudden moment, life irrevocably changes for both women.

Isla and Sophie have hard decisions to make but above all else they must face up to the uncertainty that lies ahead. It's only when they realise that this is easier together, two friends standing side by side, that each woman can embrace whatever the future holds for them.

This has a few mixed reviews but I have read others from this author and enjoy her writing style.



Super-intelligent furry aliens suddenly appear from another universe. And they’ve come to earth to have fun. “Louie” follows fisherman Billy Morton home one day and he and his family come quickly to love the playful alien. But when Louie starts using their computer to hack into government and corporate networks, and steal millions from banks to give to others, they realize that Louie and his friends mean trouble. Billy, his wife and two sons begin a roller-coaster ride of fame, fortune, jail, death, resurrection, and a distinguished ranking high on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” List. The Government soon decides that all these aliens are terrorists. They must be eliminated. The aliens are playing games they hope will help humans to see the insanity of the American political, economic and military systems. But the Powers that Be don’t play games: they make war.

I enjoyed The DiceMan by this author, and this sounds just as mad so might be good for a change despite more mixed reviews!



1995. Savannah, Georgia, where the sunsets are long and golden and the air is hot and heavy with promise. Student Jim Johnson isn't happy when he has to abandon his plans of a carefree month of inter-railing to spend the summer in the Deep South with his mother and his father, a down-on-his luck author who has been sent to Savannah to rediscover his muse. But when Jim meets the beguiling Jennifer Wyatt, the daughter of the owners of Casa Seta, the mysterious plantation house on the shores of a lake, Jim knows he has made the right decision in coming along. Until an event happens that shatters Jim and Jennifer's lives for ever and sets both their lives on a different course.

2015. Twenty Years later Casa Seta stands abandoned and neglected, a victim of tragic events that everyone wants to keep buried. But when Jim Johnson's boss buys it as the latest acquisition to his hotel chain, Jim is forced to return to the house and restore it to its former glory. Fate throws him back into the orbit of Jennifer Wyatt, the woman his heart has never truly got over, but as he tries to put the ghosts of the past behind him, he unearths a chilling secret that makes him wonder what he has ever really known about the people he loves

The cover is very pretty but the blurb has left me feeling a little flat...



Nina’s graduate program at Moscow University isn’t exactly cheap. So when she is offered work translating for Spanish families looking to adopt orphans from the provincial town of Rogozhin, she quickly agrees. Besides the much-needed money it brings, the job is a great opportunity for Nina to use her education to help people in hardship.

But soon she finds that nothing is as it seems. By the time Nina realizes that all too often the business of international adoption is not a humanitarian enterprise, she’s in too deep. Will she be able to navigate a world of exploitation and political corruption in order to help the children? Or should she return to the much simpler world of academia and leave the orphans behind?

Wake in Winter is a captivating story of one woman’s choice in the face of a shattering discovery

Not sure why this was on my list! I think there must be gremlins adding books to my TBR list!!



Cornwall. 1909

The great Tressillion family is ruined. As Bea is forced to leave Tressillion House, self-made businesswoman Sybil moves in. In a world where the old rules are starting to break down, this one choice will change both their lives forever…
Sybil buys the abandoned great house even though she is tempted to tear it down. The village sees only a rich American hotel-owner. Nobody recognises the young girl who left years ago with nothing but a desperate need for revenge. Buying the house is her triumph — but now what? As the house casts its spell over her, as she starts to make friends in the village despite herself, will she be able to build a new life here, or will her old ghosts and hatred always rule her heart?

Bea finds herself in London, responsible for her mother and sister’s security. Her only hope is to marry Jonathon, the new heir. He seems kind, but is he hiding something? Desperate for options, she stumbles into the White Camellia tearoom, a gathering place for the growing suffrage movement. For Bea it’s life-changing, introducing her to new friends, new ideas, maybe love, maybe even a chance to work and support herself. But it’s dangerous, risking arrest or worse. Can she follow her dreams without bringing yet more scandal on her family?

When those very dangers send the White Camellia friends back to Cornwall, Bea and Sybil must finally confront each other. Will long buried family secrets on both sides now destroy them both?

This sounds a fabulous historical fiction book and one that I need to get reading very soon!!



A stark but uplifting story of bullying and redemption, for anyone who's ever been a weirdo.

Almost too terrified to grip the phone, Biddy Weir calls a daytime television show.

The subject is bullying, and Biddy has a story to tell.

Abandoned by her mother as a baby, Biddy lives in her own little world, happy to pass her time watching the birds - until Alison Fleming joins her school.

Popular and beautiful, but with a dangerous, malevolent streak, Alison quickly secures the admiration of her fellow students. All except one. And Alison doesn't take kindly to people who don't fit her mould . . .

A story of abuse and survival, of falling down and of starting again, and of one woman's battle to learn to love herself for who she is, The Lonely Life of Biddy Weir is Lesley Allen’s startlingly honest debut novel, perfect for fans of Rowan Coleman and Julie Cohen

I really love the sound of this story and the cover is rather beautiful too!



'I have a voice but it isn't mine. It used to say things so I'd fit in - to please my parents, to please my teachers. It used to tell the universe I was something I wasn't. It lied.' Fifteen-year-old Tess doesn't mean to become mute. At first, she's just too shocked to speak. And who wouldn't be? Discovering your whole life has been a lie because your dad isn't your real father is a pretty big deal. Tess sets out to find the truth of her identity, and uncovers a secret that could ruin multiple lives. But can she ask for help when she's forgotten how to use her voice?

Intrigued by the cover, but not enough to read more!


Fairly productive then today with 4 off the list! Only a billion more to wipe off the list and all will be well in the world of my TBR mountain organising!  Or should I have kept more?! Or should more go?! Would love your feedback if you have read any of the above titles!


Saturday, 25 November 2017

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up!!

Hello all! Apologies for the radio silence on the Blog front this week - what do you mean you hadn't noticed?!!!  I just found myself spending more and more time online, and less time reading and doing other stuff, so just took a little break to try and find that balance (don't we all!) so hopefully I can get back to sharing more reviews and boring you all with my ramblings again! Aren't you lucky!!?!  2018 definitely needs to see me get more organised on the blogging/reading/reviewing front...... wonder when I'll be breaking that resolution then?!  My bet is by the 3rd January!!

So on to the books of the past 7 days!  And there have been a few!! Made a start on some festive reads on my Kindle which have been a delight to read, and got back to some chick lit in paperback form as my brain needed a rest from over complicated plots!!  And I've been restrained on the book buying front once more - I need to give Santa my list of books wanted soon so want to give him plenty to choose from!! - so only had a couple of book subscription books arrive!  The posties are relieved!

Click on the titles for links to my full GoodReads review if you so wish to read more!!


This year we’re just going to have a nice, normal Christmas… 
Last year’s Christmas at Wrea Head Hall didn’t quite go to plan which is why Jess Croft is determined this festive season will be the one to remember, for the right reasons. And she has plenty of reasons to be hopeful, she’s going to marry the man of her dreams, Jack Stone, seven days after New Year’s Eve. 

However, as family secrets are revealed in hidden letters and two unexpected guests turn up on the doorstep, Jess is left wondering whether her life will ever be the same again. 
Can Jess and Jack still experience a peaceful festive season that they had imagined or are there some problems that even Christmas can’t fix? 

This was a fabulous darker read from start to finish and a great follow on from House of Secrets.  This isn't a fluffy festive book so be warned, but it had me gripped and enthralled!

Best-selling author Andrew Vitruvius knows that any publicity is good publicity. His agent tells him that often, so it must be true. In the run-up to Christmas, she excels herself - talking him into the craziest scheme yet: getting himself kidnapped, live on TV.
But when the plan goes ahead and Drew is unceremoniously thrown in the back of a van before being dragged to a hut in middle of the Brecon Beacons, it all starts to feel a little bit too real. 
Meanwhile, not far away, Lori France and her four-year-old niece Misty are settling in to spend the holidays away after unexpected events leave them without a place to stay. Little do they know they’re about to make a shocking discovery and experience a Christmas they’re not likely to forget …

Another fabulous read set in an idyllic setting and warmed my heart with the romance!!

Is it time to love Christmas again? 
Faith Watkins loves Christmas, which is why she’s thrilled that her new hotel in the Lake District will be open in time for the festive season. And Faith has gone all out; huge Christmas tree, fairy lights, an entire family of decorative reindeer. Now all she needs are the guests … 
But what she didn’t bank on was her first paying customer being someone like Adam Hunter. Rugged, powerfully built and with a deep sadness in his eyes, Adam is a man that Faith is immediately drawn to – but unfortunately he also has an intense hatred of all things Christmassy. 
As the countdown to the big day begins, Faith can’t seem to keep away from her mysterious guest, but still finds herself with more questions than answers: just what happened to Adam Hunter? And why does he hate Christmas?

And another 5 star read from Choc Lit!!  This had all the festive feels and I raced through it and swooned over Adam!! I need to find my own Adam!!

A heart-warming and poignant novel of romance, family and second chances, Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses is Sunday Times bestselling Carole Matthews at her outstanding best. Perfect for fans of Jill Mansell and Milly Johnson.

Christie Chapman is a single working mother who spends her days commuting to her secretarial job in London and looking after her teenage son, Finn. It can be tough just getting through the day but Christie has always found comfort in her love of crafting and any spare time she has is spent in her parents' summerhouse working on her beautiful creations. From intricately designed birthday cards to personalised gifts, Christie's flair for the handmade knows no bounds and it's not long before opportunity comes knocking. All of a sudden Christie sees a different future for her and Finn - one full of hope and possibility, and if the handsome Max Alexander is to be believed, one full of love too. It's all there for the taking.

And then, all of sudden, Christie's world is turned upside down.

Christie knows that something has to give, but what will she choose? Will she give up her dreams and the chance of real love? What price will she pay for doing the right thing? Can Christie find her happy ending in . . . Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses

I love chick lit when it's written as well as this was! Pure escapism and inspired me to get back to my crafting as well! Loved it!


The Happy Tree by Rosalind Murray

'A 1926 novel which begins with the death of a young man during the war, flashes back to his happy childhood shared with the young woman who is the narrator, and then describes how the war – inevitably – took them unawares, destroyed their happiness and has left her, the young woman, emotionally maimed. '

Another book for my Persephone collection!  I love the grey covers and love how they bring forgotten authors back to life!

Crippen by John Boyne

July 1910: a gruesome discovery has been made at 39 Hilldrop Crescent, Camden.

Buried in the cellar are the remains of Cora Crippen, formeer music-hall singer and wife of Dr Hawley Crippen.

But Dr Crippen and his mistress Ethel Le Neve have disappeared, and a full-scale hunt for them has begun.

Across the Channel in Antwerp, Captain Kendall gives the order for the SS Montrose to begin its two-week voyage to Canada. On board are 1300 passengers, including the overbearing Antonia Drake, the unassuming Martha Hayes and the enigmatic Matthieu Zela. And, slipping in almost unnoticed, a Mr John Robinson with his seventeen-year-old son Edmund...

CRIPPEN is a beatifully drawn novel recreating the true story of the amazing escape attempt of one of history's most notorious killers.

This is the latest book I have received from The Random Book Club - the monthly book club subscription I signed up for after reading The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell and I just love this way of discovering different books!!


Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Agnieszka loves her valley home, her quiet village, the forests and the bright shining river. But the corrupted wood stands on the border, full of malevolent power, and its shadow lies over her life.

Her people rely on the cold, ambitious wizard, known only as the Dragon, to keep the wood's powers at bay. But he demands a terrible price for his help: one young woman must be handed over to serve him for ten years, a fate almost as terrible as being lost to the wood.

The next choosing is fast approaching, and Agnieszka is afraid. She knows - everyone knows - that the Dragon will take Kasia: beautiful, graceful, brave Kasia - all the things Agnieszka isn't - and her dearest friend in the world. And there is no way to save her.

But no one can predict how or why the Dragon chooses a girl. And when he comes, it is not Kasia he will take with him.

From the author of the Temeraire series comes this hugely imaginative, engrossing and vivid fantasy novel, inspired by folk and fairy tales. It is perfect reading for fans of Robin Hobb and Trudi Canavan

Have had this on my shelves for quite some time and have high hopes that I'll love this!!


From the walnut tree at his Suffolk home, Roger Deakin embarks upon a quest that takes him through Britain, across Europe, to Central Asia and Australia, in search of what lies behind man's profound and enduring connection with wood and with trees. Meeting woodlanders of all kinds, he lives in shacks and cabins, builds hazel benders, and hunts bush-plums with aboriginal women.At once autobiography, history, a traveller's tale and a work of natural history, Wildwood is a lyrical and fiercely intimate evocation of the spirit of trees: in nature, in our souls, in our culture, and in our lives

My non-fiction November reading is going very well and this is the latest book I've decided to read this month which I won from the wonderful Paul at Halfman, Halfbook

So that is my bookish week all wrapped up! I've made it up to 193 books now read this year  - yay!! - so am hoping to make it past the 200 mark by the end of the year, knowing that I'll probably never achieve that amount again!!  It's just going to make picking my favourite reads of the year an awful lot tougher this year! Can i have a top 50?!!


Monday, 20 November 2017

The Book of Forgotten Authors by Christopher Fowler #BookReview


Absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder. It makes people think you're dead. 
So begins Christopher Fowler's foray into the back catalogues and backstories of 99 authors who, once hugely popular, have all but disappeared from shelves.
We are fondly introduced to each potential rediscovery: from lost Victorian voices to the twentieth century writers who could well become the next John Williams, Hans Fallada or Lionel Davidson. Whether male or female, flash-in-the-pan or prolific, mega-seller or prize-winner - no author, it seems, can ever be fully immune from the fate of being forgotten.
These 99 journeys are punctuated by 12 short essays about faded once-favourites: including the now-vanished novels Walt Disney brought to the screen, the contemporary rivals of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie who did not stand the test of time, and the women who introduced psychological suspense many decades before it conquered the world.
This is a book about books and their authors. It is for book lovers, and is written by one who could not be a more enthusiastic, enlightening and entertaining guide

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Christopher Fowler is an English novelist living in London, his books contain elements of black comedy, anxiety and social satire. As well as novels, he writes short stories, scripts, press articles and reviews.

He lives in King's Cross, on the Battlebridge Basin, and chooses London as the backdrop of many of his stories because any one of the events in its two thousand year history can provide inspiration

In 1998 he was the recipient of the BFS Best Short Story Of The Year, for 'Wageslaves'. Then, in 2004, 'The Water Room' was nominated for the CWA People's Choice Award, 'Full Dark House' won the BFS August Derleth Novel of The Year Award 2004 and 'American Waitress' won the BFS Best Short Story Of The Year 2004. The novella 'Breathe' won BFS Best Novella 2005.


The simple but striking cover gives you a taste of what you are about to get as you delve into the past courtesy of Christopher Fowler and his meticulous research of a variety of authors past and present that have almost vanished from the bookshelves across the world, despite being so popular at the time!

And it isn't just a list of authors regurgitated in a list format.  It has cleverly been set out as a couple of pages or so dedicated to each author, or topic,  which is enough to give you so much information about the author, their history, the books they wrote, and the fates that befell them.  But beware if you a book lover... you will find as you read through this that you just keep adding authors and books to your 'must look out' for list!!   

There is also a great amount of humour throughout as Christopher Fowler offers up his own opinions on certain authors and books, and that really works well.  Many of the authors included have extremely colourful personal lives which is extremely interesting to read about!

I read this as part of non-fiction November and it has been so much fun to take a look back at some extraordinary books and the people behind them.  Can highly recommend this to anyone who loves books!!  


Sunday, 19 November 2017

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up!

Greetings from a very grey and drizzly corner of Essex!  The perfect kind of day for hibernating and 'trying' to get organised on the bookish front!! Which probably means that I'll end up playing Fishdom and searching for new books to buy online!!  Just think of all the spare time we must have had before the internet was invented!!!  How did we pass the time??!!

Hope you've all had good weeks!  Been a pretty quiet one here but I have picked up the pace on the Christmas shopping front! Am determined to have it all done before the shops get crazy mad - if only certain members of my family knew what they wanted! Bookshop vouchers for all I'm thinking!!! 😉

Been another productive bookish week for me - 3 books finished and a few more added to the shelves!!  I started watching some book decluttering videos on YouTube the other day, and it has got me thinking about why I keep so many books!  And I know I want to read ALL THE BOOKS, but that is impossible so I really need to rethink the way I buy books and then what to do with read books - do you keep all yours?!  Interested to know how you manage your 'book collections' as I constantly find myself wandering around the house trying to fit in another bookcase or two, and that isn't proving to be the best solution!

So, on with what I've read this week, books I've been sent, books I've bought and what I'm currently reading!


Read this for Non-Fiction November and didn't really get on very well with it!  Found the most powerful part of the book was the endnotes which got her point across far better than the rest of the book!

Read this for part of an upcoming Blog Tour of which I'm taking part in, and I found this to be a really interesting read - review to follow on the blog tour!!

One of those books that I'd had in my possession for an absolute age, but it was only when I started to listen to the Audio Version that I became enthralled with the story!  Highly recommended!!  But not if you don't like sweary books!!


Poor Posties have been suffering this week so I think I might need to treat them to extra sweeties at Christmas! 

A MAP OF THE DARK by KAREN ELLIS   -  out January 2018

A girl, missing
A woman, searching
A killer, planning...

A thrilling new FBI series for fans of Tess Gerritsen and Karin Slaughter. 

FBI Agent Elsa Myers finds missing people.
She knows how it feels to be lost...

Though her father lies dying in a hospital north of New York City, Elsa cannot refuse a call for help. A teenage girl has gone missing from Forest Hills, Queens, and during the critical first hours of the case, a series of false leads hides the fact that she did not go willingly.

With each passing hour, as the hunt for Ruby deepens into a search for a man who may have been killing for years, the case starts to get underneath Elsa's skin. Everything she has buried - her fraught relationship with her sister and niece, her self-destructive past, her mother's death - threatens to resurface, with devastating consequences.

In order to save the missing girl, she may have to lose herself...and return to the darkness she's been hiding from for years.

 THE HOMECOMING by ROSIE HOWARD  -  out February 2018

Maddy fled the idyllic market town of Havenbury Magna three years ago, the scene of a traumatic incident she revisits most clearly in her dreams. Even so, when she is called back to help at the Havenbury Arms when her godfather Patrick suffers a heart attack, she is unprepared for the welter of emotions her return provokes. Psychologist and ex-army officer Ben is sure he can help Maddy to resolve her fears, until he finds himself falling for her, and struggling with a recently uncovered family secret of which Maddy is blissfully unaware. Then Maddy's mother, Helen, arrives and Patrick himself must confront a few uncomfortable truths about his history and the pub's future.

And then there has been some lovely post from Bookishly  - I subscribe to their fabulous monthly Tea and Book Club and this is the rather fantastic parcel of goodies that arrived today!

And then they also sell classics with covers that they design themselves.  My plan is to read more classics in 2018 so how could I resist these gorgeous covers..


In 1944, in a sleepy English village, Daniel and his emotionally-distant mother, Annabel, remain at home while his father is off fighting a war that seems both omnipresent and very, very far away.

When mother and son befriend Hans, a German PoW working on a nearby farm, their lives are suddenly filled with excitement - though the prisoner comes to mean very different things to each of them. To Annabel, he is an awakening from the darkness that has engulfed her since Daniel's birth. To her son, a solitary boy caught up in the mythical world of fairy-tales, he is perhaps a prince in disguise or a magical woodchopper. But Daniel often struggles to tell the difference between fantasy and reality, and Hans has plans to spin a special sort of web to entrap mother and son for his own needs.

This was a Kindle purchase - how could I not at 99p! Have heard so many good things via Twitter and Blogs about this that I'm itching to start it soon!


Reading this one for Non-fiction November, and am loving it! So many authors I'd never heard of and so many fascinating stories behind their success - and subsequent fall from grace.

The festive reading has begun!!  Think I need to start this genre early so I can get through all the ones I want to read before 25th December! I loved The House of Secrets so can't wait to revisit the characters!

So, there we have it!  Hope your weeks have been as productive!  My plan now is to spend the rest of the weekend reading so hoping to make another big dent on the TBR pile before I'm faced with the decision of having to chuck a load out!!