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Friday, 1 December 2017

Non-fiction November Wrap Up!

Another month is over, and it has been such a blast to take part in non-fiction November! And it has made me wonder why I don't pick up non-fiction books more often??!!!  I always tend to put off the more 'thoughtful' reads in order to get through the fiction books cluttering up the bookshelves, but having this past month where I've been mainly reading the non-fiction titles, it has spurred me on to read things I wouldn't normally read, and now I just hope I can carry on with this 'educational' type reading!

My plan was to read 5 books and I did have a TBR pile, but I found myself drawn to a few different non-fiction reads instead of all of those on the pile, and in the end I managed to finish 5!! Yay me!!!  Here's a little look at those that grabbed my attention!  Click on the titles if you'd like to read my GoodReads review!

So I've learned not to be scared of books that might educate me as they might entertain me as well!! Definitely choose subjects that interest you, whatever they may be, and I've now discovered a whole new area in bookshops that I visit!!  And any excuse to spend even longer in bookshops is fine by me!!


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