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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

What Happens at Christmas by Evonne Wareham #happypublicationday #bookreview

Another fabulous festive read for you to enjoy - and out today!!!


Best-selling author Andrew Vitruvius knows that any publicity is good publicity. His agent tells him that often, so it must be true. In the run-up to Christmas, she excels herself - talking him into the craziest scheme yet: getting himself kidnapped, live on TV.
But when the plan goes ahead and Drew is unceremoniously thrown in the back of a van before being dragged to a hut in middle of the Brecon Beacons, it all starts to feel a little bit too real. 
Meanwhile, not far away, Lori France and her four-year-old niece Misty are settling in to spend the holidays away after unexpected events leave them without a place to stay. Little do they know they’re about to make a shocking discovery and experience a Christmas they’re not likely to forget …



In these mad celebrity driven times that we live in where all publicity is seen as good publicity, when the author Drew is told he will be kidnapped in order to raise his profile, he sees it as a little odd but goes along with it in the name of promotion! But when he ends up in a shed in the middle of nowhere, beaten and bound he begins to think all is not as it seems!!

Meanwhile, Lori has the builders in and needs to escape the madness that her home has become! And she ends up with her 4 year old niece dumped on her for Christmas by her uncaring sister Lark, who is the most selfish excuse for a mother that I've ever known! Lori ends up taking Misty away with her for Christmas where she promises to spoil her rotten and they end up staying in an idyllic barn in the Welsh countryside! When they stumble across noises coming from a shed and find Drew in trouble, it seems their Christmas plans are about to change!

I loved the madness of this set up! And with such wonderfully written characters, you instantly feel attached to them and hope for their 'happy ever after' stories, especially little Misty who is seen as an accessory by her mother, and you are just glad that Auntie Lori is there to take good care of her! As the weather changes for the worst, it forces them to spend more time together and there is quickly a spark between them that is really touching. When they go their separate ways, you just wish they'd find a way back to each other as they just seem perfect for one another.

A fabulous festive read from start to finish!!


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