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Sunday, 21 January 2018

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up! Week 3 - 2018

Hello!  Been a stormy week here weather wise, and a miserably rainy weekend is with us now and I'm feeling extremely sluggish right now! Even the 'livening ginger and lime' tea I went with this morning hasn't kicked in yet - maybe I need another cup!!

The sluggish feeling hasn't hit the productiveness of my reading though and I've managed to read..... 6 books this week!! 1 of which was a poetry book so that didn't take too long, but still I'm rather happy with that and am loving the fact that January has started off so well for me on the reading front! Maybe the cold, grey, rainy days are good for something after all!!

So here's a look back at what I've read this week, what has arrived in the post and what I'm currently reading!  Click on the book title for a link to take you to my GoodReads reviews!



A powerful love story.

A fun, feelgood romance!

Poetry perfection!!

Amazing read! 

An easy, quick read.


Some lovely new books to sit on my bookshelves arrived this week!  The postman still hates me!!

 This was a pre-order treat to myself with my Christmas gift vouchers from Waterstones and it was safely delivered this week! It's a proper chunkster of a book pagewise but I'm really looking forward to diving in soon!

This arrived via BookBridgr and I was drawn to it as it has been compared to Station Eleven which I loved reading recently, so looking forward to seeing if it does live up to the expectation!!

This bookpost from the publishers made me squeal with delight when I opened it this week! I have loved the previous 2 books from this author so cannot wait to race through this!!



Something a little different from the norm! Got this from NetGalley as I needed a translated book to read for one of my reading challenges, and so far so good! Fascinating read!

Translated by Darryl Sterk

On a quest to explain how and why his father mysteriously disappeared twenty years ago, a writer embarks on an epic journey in search of a stolen bicycle and soon finds himself immersed in the strangely overlapping histories of the Japanese military during World War II, Lin Wang, the oldest elephant who ever lived, and the secret world of antique bicycle collectors in Taiwan. The result is a surprising and moving meditation on memory, loss, and the bonds of family.
Award-winning novelist Wu Ming-Yi is regarded in Taiwan as the leading writer of his generation. His work, noted for its depth, complexity and vividly observed natural detail, has been compared to that of distinguished writers as diverse as Margaret Atwood, Haruki Murakami, W.G. Sebald, David Mitchell and Yann Martel


My Persephone reading challenge is going extremely well and I'm really enjoying this lovely novel and hoping to finish it later today!

The Countess of Lochlule marries Sir Hector, owner of the estate next to 'Keepsfield', the palatial Scottish mansion where she lives. But one day she meets someone on a park bench in Edinburgh. This novel is about dreams and the hard world of money and position and their relations to one another.


And once more we are all done!!  I hope your bookish week has been full of new discoveries and enjoyable reads like mine?! Let me know of great books that I need to add to my TBR, especially poetry!!


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