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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Where's My F**king Unicorn? A Guide to Life, Your Unicorn & Everything by Michele Gordon #bookreview #selfhelp


Are your bookshelves filled with self-help books, and yet your life feels empty? Do you keep following paths to enlightenment that lead to the same dead ends? Have your mythical, magical hopes and dreams remained in sight but out of reach? You’ve read the books, attended the seminars, and done the chanting, but you’re still waiting for your f**king unicorn to come along! This is a guide to life, creativity, and happiness that offers a very different way forward. Michelle Gordon explains why, in spite of all your best efforts, your life still doesn’t live up to your vision of what it should be, and tells you exactly what you can do about it. In refreshingly down-to-earth language, she shows you how to harness all the self-knowledge you have gained from all those self-help books you’ve read, and actually start putting it to practical use. Beautifully illustrated and delightfully different, Where’s My F**king Unicorn takes a light-hearted approach to a serious subject: YOU! It will help you to choose those routines and rituals that, while they might not work for everyone, might just work for you. Who knows, with some tough love and a full moon, it might inspire you to find your f**king unicorn for yourself.

  • Hardcover: 80 pages
  • Publisher: Ammonite Press


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Drawn to this because of the cover - and the swearing! yes I am that childish!! - I'm not a big fan of the self help book but was interested in seeing how this book approached the topic.

We've all seen the rows and rows of self help books that preach and promise us the world as readers - this is NOT one of those books! Instead I found it have a fresh approach to the whole 'better you' outlook and it didn't take itself too seriously and that is why I think I enjoyed it so much!

I found it to be really funny, sweary, down to earth, realistic and breaks down the ideas in small chunks which are easy to take on board, and gives you pointers as to other books to read for more information, or videos on YouTube to watch for further inspiration! It also explains that what works for one person isn't going to work for everyone, and that plain kind of speaking was easier to take on board! There's practical advice of things you can do to find your 'unicorn' - do what makes YOU happy and don't go along with the crowd and you'll find life is immediately brighter!

I chuckled throughout reading this, and it's also got some rather gorgeous unicorn illustrations so what's not to love! It also encourages you to go out and buy stickers and coloured pens for 'to do lists' and any book that gives me an excuse to buy more stationery is going to get a good review!!

If you are looking for a quick, easy to read, funny and helpful book then I'd highly recommend picking this up for yourself or anyone else looking to find their unicorn!!


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