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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Book Blogger Insider Tag

I spotted this tag over at KristinKravesBooks and wanted to be part of the fun! So here goes!


1. Answer the questions below
2. Credit the creator Jamie
3. Tag at least 5 people
4. Have fun!

Where do you typically write your blog posts?

In the spare room! There's a comfy futon with lots of blankets on it and it seems perfect for lounging on with my laptop!

How long does it generally take you to write a book review?

 Half an hour is probably the average time - some take longer (annoyingly!), others can be summed up in a few lines!

When did you start your book blog?

May 2016! I had to look to check though as I had no clue!

What is the worst thing about having a book blog in your opinion?

The time it takes to set up posts as that takes away from reading time! I also feel guilty if I've been sent a book and it takes me a while to get to!  

What is the best thing about having a book blog in your opinion?

Books!! And the Blogging community who are so supportive and also so evil in leading me astray in wanting more books!  I also love the variety of books I've discovered whilst blogging. I'm sure if I'd not set this up I wouldn't have discovered half of the books I have been lucky enough to read - either through others' reviews or review copies being sent by publishers

What blog post have you had the most fun writing so far?

Not sure to be honest! I always have fun doing cover reveals as it feels so cool getting to be one of the first people to see a cover before it is released into the bookish world!  

What is your favourite type of blog post to write?

Reviews! It's why I set this blog up - as I have a lousy memory and wanted to help myself remember what each book I read was about! - and I'm sure it helps me notice more whilst I'm reading

When do you typically write?

No real set time! Sunday afternoons are normally quite a good time for me though!

Do you review every book you read?

I try to review most of them! I try and review books I think others would be interested in finding out about. And I don't tend to waste time writing big reviews of books I end up not enjoying so just put a few lines on GoodReads for those. Thankfully these are very far and few between as I seem to be getting quite good now at choosing books that suit me!

How do you write your book reviews? With a cup of coffee or tea? With Netflix? Cuddled with your fur baby?

Any excuse to have a cup of tea by my side! Or a double choca mocha!  I like to listen to music too while I'm reviewing so have my Ipod on shuffle by my side!

When do you write your book reviews? Right after finishing the book? Two weeks after finishing the book?

Normally straight after finishing the book as I'd be awful trying to remember things a couple of weeks later! I like the instant reactions of having read a book and what it has meant to me!

How often do you post?

No set routine! Whenever I finish a book, or whenever I notice a post put up by someone else that I'd like to join in with! And whenever I get the emails about cover reveals or Blog Tours - so I apologise for the randomness of my Blog posts! SORRY!!


So much fun in doing this!! Will tag anyone who reads this and fancies sharing their Blogging thoughts!

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