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Saturday, 28 April 2018

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up - Week 16 2018

Hello!!  It's a soggy old Saturday so what better way to deal with that, than to look back at the past 7 days in my bookish world!   And it's been a week of me getting one year older...... I'm claiming to be 21 for EVER!!  There were a few bookish themed birthday presents - Harry Potter goodies are always welcomed here! - but very few book shaped presents as I think people are scared to buy me books in case I already have them! BUT there were book tokens and money in my lovely present haul so I have been treating myself to a few.. okay a lot!.... of books so I will probably do a separate post all about them in the coming week so watch out!!

So with a busy week gone by the reading has taken a hit again so once more I've only finished 2 books!  And then I've just received 2 books via the post - so at least there is balance!!


Where the Light gets in by Lucy Dillon  -  5 stars

I love Lucy Dillon and this is another wonderful story!

Scoop of the Year by Tom Claver  -  4 stars

Really enjoyed this fun read!! Watch out for my Blog Tour stop in May!


A couple of months ago I signed up to Alma Books and their Year of Reading Classics where you choose each month which book from their fabulous collection is sent to you! So this month I plumped for The Woman In White by Wilkie Collins! Have never read it so looking forward to starting this soon!

And then out of the blue I was sent THE CHEESEMAKER'S HOUSE by JANE CABLE, with a lovely message from the author inside.  This sounds right up my street!

Inspired by a framed will found in her dream Yorkshire house, which had been built at the request of the village cheesemaker in 1726, Jane Cable discovered the historical aspect of her novel. Set near Northallerton in North Yorkshire, The Cheesemaker’s House is a page-turner that will have readers hooked instantly.

The novel follows the life of Alice Hart, who escapes to the North Yorkshire countryside to recover after her husband runs off with his secretary. Battling with loneliness but trying to make the best of her new start, she soon meets her neighbours, including handsome builder Richard Wainwright and kind café owner Owen Maltby. As Alice employs Richard to start renovating the barn next to her house, all is not what it seems. Why does she start seeing Owen when he clearly isn’t there? Where – or when – does the strange crying come from? And if Owen is the village ‘charmer’, what exactly does that mean? 


The Trees by Ali Shaw

Have had this on my shelves for a while - that cover!! - but have just downloaded the audio version from the Borrowbox app, and am really enjoying it so far!

There came an elastic aftershock of creaks and groans and then, softly softly, a chinking shower of rubbled cement. Leaves calmed and trunks stood serene. Where, not a minute before, there had been a suburb, there was now only woodland standing amid ruins…

There is no warning. No chance to prepare.

They arrive in the night: thundering up through the ground, transforming streets and towns into shadowy forest. Buildings are destroyed. Broken bodies, still wrapped in tattered bed linen, hang among the twitching leaves.

Adrien Thomas has never been much of a hero. But when he realises that no help is coming, he ventures out into this unrecognisable world. Michelle, his wife, is across the sea in Ireland and he has no way of knowing whether the trees have come for her too. 

Then Adrien meets green-fingered Hannah and her teenage son Seb. Together, they set out to find Hannah’s forester brother, to reunite Adrien with his wife – and to discover just how deep the forest goes.

Their journey will take them to a place of terrible beauty and violence, to the dark heart of nature and the darkness inside themselves.

The Year of Surprising Acts of Kindness by Laura Kemp

A fun, easy read book!

When Ceri Price arrives in the small seaside village in West Wales, she only means to stay for a couple of nights - long enough to scatter her mother's ashes, and then go back to her life as a successful make-up entrepreneur.

But when a case of mistaken identities means she lands a job as the barmaid in the local pub, she unexpectedly finds friendship, and perhaps a chance at love.

But when the plans for a new housing estate put the local woodland under threat, she fears the way of life here could disappear.

Then mysterious acts of kindness start springing up around the village - a string of bunting adorns the streets, a new village signpost appears out of nowhere and someone provides paint to spruce up the houses on the seafront. Who is behind these acts of kindness and can they help in the race to save the village from the faceless developers...?


What's been keeping you turning the pages this week?! Hope it's been a good bookish week and here's to a good bookish weekend and week to come!!

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