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Thursday, 24 May 2018

20 Books Of Summer 2018

The smell of Summer is in the air!! And now it is time to take part in one of my favourite bookish challenges!!! The lovely Cathy over at 746 Books started this a few years ago now, and thankfully has decided to run it again for 2018!

It's a simple enough challenge! From the 1st June to 3rd September the challenge is to read!!  The main aim is 20 books, but you can also sign up for 10 or 15 if you want to! And you can change your reading list along the way, or the number if needs be! We never know what challenges lie ahead over the summer months so this is the perfect challenge to take part in as nothing is set in stone!

It's always fun to see how everyone is doing and Cathy also tweets progress using #20booksofsummer so I'll be doing the same - if I remember! - and hope you do too if you take part!

Probably the hardest part for me is choosing the initial list of 20!  The bookshelves of doom are always looking over me at this point, as well as the Kindle bursting at the seams with book choices thanks to my book acquiring habits!! So I have decided on using this opportunity to attack my NetGalley bookshelf which is way out of control!! Not my fault of course!! But now I have the perfect excuse to go through the backlog of books I'd been so excited to read when I first spotted them there!

So below is the preliminary list - there may be changes along the way! - so click on the book title for the link to the GoodReads page if you want to know more about each book!


And there we have it! A wide range of genres and hopefully lots to keep me entertained over the summer months!

Hope a few of you will be joining in the 20 books fun! Looking forward to seeing your lists and progress!!


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