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Thursday, 31 May 2018

#BookReview The Parentations by Kate Mayfield

About the book

Eighteenth-century London and the lives of the sisters Fitzgerald, Constance and Verity, become entwined with the nearby Fowler household. For Clovis Fowler,whose unearthly Nordic beauty belies a ruthless thirst for power, and husband Finn, a Limehouse thief, have agreed to provide safe harbour to a mysterious baby.
The puzzling phenomenon binding them close arose unexpectedly from deep within the savage but beautiful landscape of Iceland, where a hidden pool of water grants those who drink from it endless life. But those who sip from the waterfall discover all too quickly that immortality is no gift.
To preserve the life of this strange baby from those who wish him harm means that all concerned must remain undiscovered for more than two hundred years. And, as the centuries creep thither, one in their enclave proves more menacing than those who pursue them. Worse, the life-giving pool that sustains them all, runs dry…

Published by Point Blank Books
Hardcover page count - 496

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I received this book in the recent My Chronicle Book Box Fantasy Edition - click here for my unboxing post.  I'd not heard about it before and so this past weekend was another Big Book Weekender, and this was the big book I picked it up to read and it made the bank holiday weekend fly by!!

Who wants to live forever? If you answered yes, then you may want to change your mind after reading this highly original historical novel that follows a number of characters, over a wide span of years, set in London and Iceland and their experiences with the impact that immortality brings their way.

I did find this book started quite slowly, so don't let that put you off, as you soon become captivated by the characters, none more so than by Constance and Verity, who are sisters, and the mystery baby who comes into their lives with very little known of why he has arrived and for how long they will have him under their roof.

The story starts in Iceland in 1783 with the eruption of a volcano, which opens up a green pool from which Stefan drinks from before knowing the consequences of his action. He is then the keeper of this knowledge to help those who also drink from it understand what lies ahead for them.

I loved the originality of this story, alongside the development of the characters over the centuries and all they encounter. There is always a slightly unsettling undertone to the whole story and you can understand the pressure that those affected by immortality end up facing. 

It's a beautifully written book, so inventive and a fascinating study of family dynamics that never fails to satisfy your curiosity and one I highly recommend!


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