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Sunday, 1 July 2018

#BlogTour The Optimist by Sophie Kipner #BookReview

Hello!  Delighted to be able to share my thoughts with you today on this fabulous new release from Sophie Kipner! My thanks to the author, publisher and Anne Cater of  Random Things Tours for letting me be part of this wonderful blog tour!  Here's a little bit more info about the book.....

'Hilarious . . . Kipner writes beautifully, is emotionally intelligent and has a keen eye for detail - the more absurd the better. The result is a different, occasionally deranged and always very clever read. I loved every minute.' Daily Mail

Meet Tabitha Gray, a delusional girl from Topanga, California, who redefines what it means to be a truly hopeless romantic. Tabby suffers from an aggressive strain of cock-eyed optimism – no amount of failure, embarrassment or humiliation can dent her fierce belief that real, true, lasting love is just around the corner.

Where most people think, fantasize and dream, Tabby says, feels and does. Whether waiting in her lingerie for Harrison Ford to open the door of his hotel room; declaring her love, aged nine, for Ernesto the gardener; encountering Al Pacino in a Russian bathhouse; seeking passion with a blind man on the advice of a wise old woman with dementia at her grandmother’s home for the elderly; or sending intimate photos to a random sexter with an apparently charming dick, Tabby refuses to be crushed by her many misadventures. She has to keep believing, because if she gives up, what then? Ill-advisedly armed with the words of Dorothy Parker, Tabby knows that her own ferocious optimism is the only thing keeping her heart-sore, wine-swilling mother and cynical, single-mum sister from giving up on love altogether. She is their only hope. If Tabby can find love, then they too will believe…
In this warmly witty debut novel, Sophie Kipner takes a satirical look at the extremity of romantic desperation, and pays wry tribute to the deep human need to keep on heroically searching for love despite our manifold absurdities. 

Hardcover384 pages
Published May 18th 2017 by Unbound

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About the Author

Visual artist and author Sophie Kipner grew up in Topanga, CA. A graduate of the University of Southern California, she writes and illustrates her own stories, which have appeared in Kugelmass: A Journal of Literary Humor, Amy Ephron’s One for the Table, FORTH Magazine and The Big Jewel, and her artwork, most recently her series of blind contour portraits, DONTLIFTUPDONTLOOKDOWN, has been shown and sold internationally. She lives in Los Angeles, and The Optimist is her first novel.


If you are looking for a book that makes you laugh out loud and  squirm with embarrassment, then this is the book for you! I have adored spending time in the company of Tabitha as she spends her life searching for love and no matter how many frogs she ends up kissing, she is convinced her prince charming is out there - and probably in the guise of a hollywood superstar... they just don't know it yet!

Tabitha is such a fabulous and quirky character! She is down to earth, with her head in the clouds, living in her bubble world of seeing the positive in almost every situation and this book is her recollection of what she learns about herself from the dating situations she finds herself in on her quest for true love!  She isn't afraid of negative experiences, and I think that comes from her growing up in a slightly messed up family and she is obsessed with happy endings, and she is just biding her time until she gets the fairytale ending she remembers reading about in her childhood.

There are a lot of uncompromising positions she finds herself in, and often a little crude at times - but very funny crude!  I found myself laughing so much, and often in shock at some of the embarrassing situations she finds herself in. But I just loved her frankness throughout!  She is happy being HER - she doesn't want to be someone else and I think this book had the great message that life can be fun if you are YOU!  Don't follow the crowd, don't comform and do what makes you happy!

All the dating disasters she experiences are a great learning experience for her and helps her to clarify in her mind what she wants from her life and she isn't afraid to take her time in finding out what is right for her!

I loved this fabulously funny debut from Sophie Kipner and will be eagerly awaiting more from this author as I loved her style of writing and the sense of humour!!


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