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Monday, 2 July 2018

My favourite books of 2018 - so far!!

It's the halfway point of the year already!!!  How freaking scary is that?!!  And what a year it has been so far especially on the bookish front!!  If the second half of the year is half as good as the first, then we're in for a treat!  Big love to all the authors, publishers, booksellers etc for bringing so many wonderful stories our way!!  I know I may curse the book industry at times with the constant releases and my issue of wanting ALL THE BOOKS, but it is just wonderful to see the book world hasn't been torn apart by e-readers, and if anything the sale of 'real' books just seems to go from strength to strength!!

I've found the first half of the year an amazing reading time for myself - at the start of the year I set myself the target of reading 150 books - I think that may be easily beaten as I've just checked my GoodReads stats - what would we do without GoodReads keeping score for us?! - and I've hit the 127 books read so far this year mark!! WAHOO!!!   Not sure I'll be able to keep that pace up, although it would be nice and would help to clear the bookshelves a little, but I'll give it a good go!

And with 127 books finished comes many that have blown my mind!  Made me cry! Made me laugh!  Had all the feels about! So I thought I'd just pick out 10 - I could easily have picked out many, many more! - of those books that have made an impression on me so far this year so I can share the book love with you all!  I am already dreading coming up with my final list of the year if creating this list was anything to go by!  

So here's the 10 that made the cut! Click on the title for a link to my GoodReads review! They're all 5 stars!!



I could have added so many more, but these ones just stood out a little more to me so far this year!  So what have been some of your favourite reads so far this year?! Would love to hear about them in the comments below!


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