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Saturday, 17 November 2018

My Bookish Weekly Wrap Up - week 45 2018

A festive hello to you all! Visited a local garden centre this week and it was full on Christmas everywhere you looked there! Little too early for my liking to be discussing Christmas but it's getting closer..... aarrggghhh!

On the book front things have been ticking along nicely!  Another 5 books finished, 3 books added from netgalley, only 1 in the post for review and I'm trying my best to catch up with reviews! Slowly but surely!

So here's a look back at my week in bookish form!


creepy and chilling! Loved it!

 The perfect read for gardeners - old and new!

sweet and charming book for kids of all ages!

a wonderful blend of how life can be dark but magical

A dark but compulsive thriller that had me on the edge of my seat!


The Coming of the Spirits by Rob Keeley - copy sent from the publisher
Have loved this series so  excited to see how it all ends!
The final book in the award-winning Spirits series. 

Sequel to High Spirits – Georgina Hawtrey-Woore Award winner 2018. 

Rob Keeley is back with the fifth and final instalment in his award-winning Spirits series. The series allows young people to learn more about other times, as well as the time in which they live.

“Nazis alone were dangerous enough, but Nazis with the powers of ghosts... of evil spirits...” 

Britain. The present day. The world we know. Ruled by the Nazis. 
Victorian England. Edward Fitzberranger is soon to become ill and die. But could there be another way? 
The Middle Ages. Sir Francis Fitzberranger is about to marry... but finds himself shifted in time. 

The barrier into the spirit world is finally breaking down and no one in the mortal world is safe. History must be set back on course and prophecies fulfilled. The Grand Defender is needed. 

As Ellie works with an underground resistance movement and with the spirit world too, she is about to discover her true destiny...


Went a little click crazy here this week and ended up with these 3 stunners!

Needlemouse by Jane O'Connor
Published by Ebury Press   Publication Date - June 2019
Time to come out of hibernation...

Sylvia Penton has been hibernating for years, it's no wonder she's a little prickly...

Sylvia lives alone, dedicating herself to her job at the local university. On weekends, she helps out at a local hedgehog sanctuary because it gives her something to talk about on Mondays - and it makes people think she's nicer than she is.

Only Sylvia has a secret: she's been in love with her boss, Professor Lomax, for over a decade now, and she's sure he's just waiting for the right time to leave his wife. Meanwhile she stores every crumb of his affection and covertly makes trouble for anyone she feels gets in his way.

But when a bright new PhD candidate catches the Professor’s eye, Sylvia’s dreams of the fairy tale ending she has craved for so long, are soon in tatters, driving her to increasingly desperate measures and an uncertain future.

Sylvia might have been sleep walking through her life but things are about to change now she’s woken up…

Happiness for Beginners by Carole Matthews
Published by Sphere - Publication Date - February 2019

Molly Baker is living her best life.

Thirty-eight years old, she lives on the twenty-five-acre Hope Farm in Buckinghamshire, surrounded by (mostly) four-legged friends and rolling hills. There's Anthony the anti-social sheep, Tina Turner the alpaca with attitude, and the definitely-not-miniature pig, Teacup.
Molly runs the farm as an alternative school for kids who haven't thrived in mainstream education. It's full on, but she wouldn't have it any other way. So when the well-groomed Shelby Dacre turns up at Hope Farm asking to enrol his son Lucas, Molly isn't fazed.
But Lucas is distant and soon Molly realises he might be more of a handful than she anticipated. And then there's the added problem that his dad is distractingly handsome. Molly has her beloved farm to think of - could letting Lucas and Shelby in be a terrible mistake, or the start of something wonderful?
Feel-good, funny and an absolute must-read from the queen of romance Carole Matthews, Molly's story will make your heart sing. New starts and second chances abound in Happiness for Beginners.

Dear Rosie Huges by  Melanie Hudson
published by HarperImpulse  Publication Date - February 2019

Jojo Moyes meets The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Societyin this powerfully moving novel!
The best friendships are worth fighting for…
It’s been fifteen years since Aggie’s friendship with Rosie Hughes ended abruptly. But now she’s heard from the village rumour mill that Rosie is off to war, she knows her best friend needs her more than ever – despite what’s happened between them in the past.
As Rosie faces a desert full of danger and Aggie falls further from the path to love she’ so wants, the two friends write each other letters.
The comfort in their shared words is an anchor to the life they knew before…and the only constant in a world as increasingly unpredictable as the wind.



All wrapped up! I hope your week has been as entertaining book wise as mine! Any recommendations happily received!


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