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Monday, 17 December 2018

#BookReview Mr Dickens and His Carol by Samantha Silva

About the book

Charles Dickens should be looking forward to Christmas. But when his latest book, Martin Chuzzlewit, is a flop, his publishers give him an ultimatum. Either he writes a Christmas book in a month or they will call in his debts and he could lose everything. Dickens has no choice but to grudgingly accept...

Published by Allison & Busby

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There's no better time of year to read this and I found it very easy to read and enjoyable with a rather clever twist at the end to keep you engaged!

It's the story of Charles Dickens and his struggles with having to come up with a quick Christmas story as his last novel, Chuzzlewit, has bombed sales wise and the publishers aren't happy. With his wife just giving birth to their 6th child he begins to crack under the pressure and when his family move away, he is left to search for inspiration and try to avoid the threat of the poorhouse!

There are short and snappy chapters in this book which really help with the pace and it's lots of fun to see the characters we all know from his other books being bought to life in this story and to see where he could have got some of his ideas from in his quest to write the perfect Christmas story. Using his own experiences, good and bad, he begins to see Christmas through different eyes and helps bring to life the story we know and love today! A fun and interesting read!


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